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Thursday, May 30, 2013

One Week In Colombia.

Bobby's first letter from Colombia:
Hey everyone! Well my first week in the CCM (MTC) here in bogota is over... its crazy down here! I seriously havent heard a word of english in like 5 days. My companion is elder romero hes from las vegas. Hes pretty cool. His grandparents are mexican so he understands spanish pretty good but doesnt speak the best. Me and him get to speak to eachother in english though so thats nice. So interesting fact- Im the only missionary here in the CCM going to Cali Colombia! There are like 80 missionaries here and im the only Cali. There are 8 gringos and the rest are latino. All of the gringos except me are going to Bogota South. Weird. Anyway the food here is different but good. Ive made a few friends like elder arreaga (ecuador) and elder rondon (venazuela). There are others that are nice to me too but those guys talk to me the most. The elders here think its pretty cool that i can dunk haha. The days here are long and hard and we are taught all in spanish. Im doing ok but i dont know why the font just changed... the computers here are kinda weird. Sorry! Anyway i cant take any pictures here because its not allowed and they took my camera. bummer. all of the missionaries went to the temple today it is a really pretty temple. i had to to it all in spanish it was sketcy! anyway love you all. until next week! Nos vemos! 

Elder Dean