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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Working Hard Everyday.

Hey errrrrbody. How's it going? Everything's good here in Popayan. Just trying to fill all these Cathlolics in on what they're missin' here in Popayan... Haha! Hope everybody is doing good. Pretty good week this week... Working hard everyday! We are working hard to have a baptism this coming Saturday, so thanks for your prayers and thoughts for that. Elder Silverio is still plugging along with the Spanish... I think I've just gotta give him the reins a bit, and let him have the chance to take the lead and talk talk talk talk. That's what helped me learn Spanish, even though I hated my trainer for doing it, it definitely helped me in the long run... 
So Sunday night we teamed up as a district and went to help Elder Eliason and Elder Joglar out. All 6 of us went to teach two of their investigators. We watched the first vision movie and had an excellent lesson. We tagged teamed it, and put a baptismal date with both of them - the mom and the daughter. Cool experience for sure. Today for P-day was kinda cool. We went and bought ping pong stuff and all got together as a zone in the chapel and had fun. Played soccer, ping pong, and we have 2 missionaries, an elder and a sister from Mexico, so they cooked up tacos and horchatas for everybody. Yum! We were there all day long. Fun stuff. Just pluggin' away here, working away. I've been listening to a conference talk every morning this week, and I love it... I invite you all to do it, too! Read or listen to a conference talk every day. Trust me, it makes a difference! Love you all for realzzzzz. Thanks for being awesome. I'm gonna send some picture for real this time this week. Don't worry haha. Love you all... Have an awesome week!!!
Elder Dean

 Elder Silverio trying out pop-rocks

The new house. Hard to beat the original house with Elder Menendez and Mosquiera, but these guys are ok too... Elder Silverio, Elder Eliason, Elder Dean, Elder Jogler

Tag team district baptismal dates with Sara and her mom

 P-day with the zone

My homie, Elder Sacco and I. He's from Riverton, and played ball and golfed too!

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