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Friday, January 31, 2014

Learning Portugese.

Hola famila como voce estaon? Estou aqui aprendendo Portugues!

Haha I just said, "Hey fam how are you all? I'm here learning Portuguese!" In Portugese! Haha. So this week was interesting... I've now been with Elder Silvero a week and a half, and we still don't understand each other! It's funny sometimes, and as well, you have to have A LOT of patience. Double whammy! A new missionary who doesn't know much, and we can't communicate! Adventure for sure. But it's all good. We are just truckin' along. So Sunday after church we had to say goodbye to Elder Menendez. He went off back to Uruguay- finished the mission. Love the guy. He was an awesome missionary. I even gave him my favorite tie because he kept asking for it haha. So tomorrow Elder Silverio and I have to travel to Cali for Elder Silverio to receive his new missionary training. A big group of new Elders are coming in tomorrow, and normally your first day when you arrive in the mission, you receive training and meet your trainer. Elder Silverio got here alone, so they just sent him straight to me, but he's still gotta receive his new missionary training, even though he got a head start haha. It'll be funny when all of the trainers walk in to meet their comps, and Elder Silverio and I... Surprise! Oh wait. haha. So yesterday for p-day, my whole writing time was taken up trying to get Elder Silverio logged into his email without success. There was a problem with his email account, but I called the offices and worked the problem out, and now it's fixed. Because he didn't get time to write, and me neither, Elder Eliason gave him permission to write his family for an hour today (Tuesday). Elder Eliason also gave me permission to write for 15 min, because I only had 20 min to write yesterday trying to help Elder S the whole time. Good guy that Elder Eliason. Welp! Everybody gotta cut it short. Love you all. Thanks for all your prayers for me and especially for my comp. I love you all. I'll talk to you all next week. Chaooooo.
 Elder Silverio and I
Saying goodbye to Elder Menendez and Elder Zambrano. 
Headed back to Uruguay and Ecuador - the trunkies!
Elder Silverio and Elder Dean "meet for the first time" 
at the new missionary training in Cali

Monday, January 20, 2014

Big Surprise.

Family. Friends. Hello.

Hey everybody! How's it going? So this week was pretty normal... Until Wednesday night arrived. At about 10 'o'clock Elder Mosquiera and I were finishing up planning when Elder Eliason walked in and handed the phone to Elder Mosquiera, saying that President Prince was on the phone. Uh oh. Elder Mosquiera started talking to him, and then he looked at me with an "oh crap" look in his eyes. Then he said, "OK President," and handed me the phone. President Prince told me hello, and informed me that there was an elder from Brazil that had arrived alone the day before. He then told me that Elder Mosquiera would be leaving the next morning, and that I would be training the new elder starting Friday. Bang. Well alrighty then! So Elder Mosquira stayed up late packing his bags, and I sent him off the next morning. I went in a division with a young man in the branch all day Thursday. Friday, my new companion arrived at the bus station fresh and new from Brazil. Haha I have found out in the past 3 days that he doesn't speak Spanish! He speaks Portuguese. It's been quite the experience these past 3 days... His name is Elder Silverio. He from the coast in Brazil. He is an awesome kid, and has a big smile. Big language barrier, but with work and faith he will learn. Anyway. Thanks for all your prayers. Especially during this time. I wish I had more time to write. Really gotta cut it short this week. I have been super busy these past 3 days with him. Haven't even had time to take a picture with him. Next week for sure! Love you all. Have an awesome week!

Elder Dean

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

District Conference

Hello All!

Hey everybody. How's it going? This week was pretty normal. Last week after writing everybody, Elder Eliason and I left and were attacked during the crazy festivals on our way back to the house. I'll send a few pics haha. So this week we had interviews with President Prince, and this week was also the district conference. All of the branches in Popayan all got together this Sunday for the conference I liked the talks. Sitting 2 hours on a hard chair is never the funnest, but it's all good! The best part about interviews was some banana bread from Sister Prince haha. Today for p-day Elder Mosquiera and Elder Menendez wanted to go play soccer, but Elder Eliason and I weren't really feeling it. So they went to play soccer, and Elder Eliason and I went to a mall close by for Elder E to buy something with the money his parents sent him for Christmas. Lucky me- you guys just send me packages ( so much better :) ) After an hour or two he bought the only thing that us missionaries can use... He bought a few ties. Haha. Anyway, gotta cut it short this week. Transfers are coming up in 2 weeks. Elder Menendez will be headed home :( Crazy! Love you all tons. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts. Hope you all have a good week!

Elder Dean

Elder Eliason and I attacked last Monday

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy 2014 To All.

Hey everybody- I'm alive...
Don't worry. I made it through New Years alive here in Colombia! Haha Hope you all had a fun and safe New Years. I don't even really remember much about what happened for New Years. Just a bunch of drunks and craziness haha. New Years Eve we went and ate dinner again with the Oime family. The mission work was pretty slow, but we did our best to work hard. We had baptismal interviews during the week for a baptism service Saturday. Saturday night we had the baptismal service of Omaira and Natalia, and also an investigator of Elder Eliason and Menéndez. It was a nice baptismal service. I baptized Omaira and Elder Eliason baptized Natalia. Sunday they arrived for their confirmations without problem, and I confirmed them both members of the church. Super special that we had the opportunity to baptize Hernando, Omaira and Natalia- all 3. So today and yesterday is a HUGE festival here in Popayán. The 5th and 6th of January here is one big party. It's absolutely nuts. Yesterday (Sunday) I was attacked 5 or 6 times. They sprayed foam and chucked powder. The whole city has lost their minds. I bought a poncho to keep my shirt clean, but it was hopeless. It's crazy. They chuck water, throw powder, spray foam, and paint people. I've never seen anything like it. I managed to snap a quick picture, but I couldn't get a picture of the real craziness for fear of losing my camera haha. I'll attach a few pics. Elder Mosqueira's birthday was on the 3rd too, he turned 21. We didn't do anything. We ordered a pizza and ate that, and then hit the sack. We were pooped out. Anyway, it was super cool to see Omaira and Natalia baptized. The mission is incredible. It's one big lesson- the mission. I feel like I'm always learning. Sometimes it's super hard, but I've never done anything more important in my life. I hope you all have an excellent 2014. The only year of my life that I will have to devote all my days to the Lord. So, happy 2014 to all. Let's all get better this year. Go to the temple more, read the scriptures more, pray more often, and try to be better people every day. I love you all. Talk to you more next week.
 Baptismal Service: Omaira and Natalia

 Ponchos Colombian Style (Eliason y Yo)
 Somewhat view of Popayan madness