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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

District Conference

Hello All!

Hey everybody. How's it going? This week was pretty normal. Last week after writing everybody, Elder Eliason and I left and were attacked during the crazy festivals on our way back to the house. I'll send a few pics haha. So this week we had interviews with President Prince, and this week was also the district conference. All of the branches in Popayan all got together this Sunday for the conference I liked the talks. Sitting 2 hours on a hard chair is never the funnest, but it's all good! The best part about interviews was some banana bread from Sister Prince haha. Today for p-day Elder Mosquiera and Elder Menendez wanted to go play soccer, but Elder Eliason and I weren't really feeling it. So they went to play soccer, and Elder Eliason and I went to a mall close by for Elder E to buy something with the money his parents sent him for Christmas. Lucky me- you guys just send me packages ( so much better :) ) After an hour or two he bought the only thing that us missionaries can use... He bought a few ties. Haha. Anyway, gotta cut it short this week. Transfers are coming up in 2 weeks. Elder Menendez will be headed home :( Crazy! Love you all tons. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts. Hope you all have a good week!

Elder Dean

Elder Eliason and I attacked last Monday

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