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Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014 and Happy New Year 2015

Hey everybody. How's it going? I hope you all had a good Christmas. I heard it finally got really cold in Utah. Awesome. This past week was good.The 23rd we had zone conferences with all the north zones in the mission. It was good. We got together and it was pretty much just like a get together. We sang Christmas songs, watched 17 Miracles, and got some Christmas presents (candy). The 24th was good. We worked our best, and then Christmas Eve we did a little cook off with the Beltran family. They are a good family, and have 2 sons in the mission field. The brother called President Pricoli while we were there, and got permission for us to be there until like10 at night. It was good. Christmas day was pretty normal ... woke up studied, etc...(there were still people partying and drinking haha) and we only had like 1 appointment, but we did our best and visited some. Elder Campos called home at like 6, and then I called home after to finish up the night. I love you all. It was so good to skype. Other than that, things are cruising along. Wednesday  and Thursday this week is New Years. We'll see how it goes... 2014 passed by quickly. I spent the whole year in Colombia. Crazy. 2015 will be full of new things. Every year there are new things. I have many goals finishing up my mission here, and many more things to come. I love you all. Happy New Years!

Elder Dean

Christmas conference. The 2 missionaries I got to the field with.
Elder Lyle and Elder Correa. Old dogs.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Monday, December 22, 2014

First Week In Palmira.

Merry Christmas to all!

Well, actually it's the 22nd, but Merry Christmas everybody! Can I just tell you all that leaving Colon was super hard for me. Haha. After 6 months there, I was totally used to the area, members, apartment, neighbors, and streets - it was hard for me this week for sure. But anyway, here I am in Palmira. My branch is pretty big. It's the biggest branch in Palmira. I think there were probably at least 90 people in church Sunday. It was weird. They did sacrament meeting last. It was kinda funky. Ha! I know the area more or less now. It's pretty easy to get to know. It's a pretty calm place.  A lot different than Cali, that's for sure. But anyway, we worked hard this week, and there's always room for improvement. Tomorrow we have to go to Tulua (it's another city about 1 hour or so more north) for a multi zone Christmas conference with President. Planning on skyping the 25th! Pumped to see you all. I love Christmas, and even though it's so much different than at home, I feel happy to be here in the mission, sharing the gospel with others. We remember Jesus Christ and his birth. We remember that thanks to him our families can be happy and be eternal. We remember that we can find peace and forgiveness, confidence, and strength. I love you all. Merry Christmas. Enjoy the snow. It's hot here.

Familia Cuadros.


Last week saying goodbye to Colon. Couldn't take pics with everyone.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hey world.

So everybody - hope you had a good week. I had a pretty good week. It was a pretty normal week until Saturday night. The APs called me and informed me that I'm getting transfered tomorrow. Out of the clear blue. Transfers aren't until the 30th. Real surprise. I'm getting transfered to Palmira. It's a town about 1 hour north of Cali. It's little and hot. I will be in a branch. My zone will be small- only 12 missionaries. My time here in Colon came to an end. 6 months here. I was excited to be here for Christmas with all the members. Bummer! But, oh well. My new companion is Elder Campos. He's a good friend of mine. He will be ending his mission in a month and a half. Also from Peru. Haha! Today I went to la loma de la cruz and bought some hand made art because I might not have the chance to come back to Cali again. Who knows! Harrison invited me to lunch at waffles and crepes. Love that guy! Looking back, my time here in Colon was interesting. I honsetly didn't have a lot of baptisims here, and there were some hard parts about being here... But honestly I have made some of my best friends here in this ward. I truly feel part of the ward, and feel like family to many of the members. I feel like I have grown. Now going forward. Onward ever onward. Until next week.

Elder Dean

Christmas caroling with the district on Sunday

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Candle Day.

Hey all. 

What's happening? Well, I hope you all had a good week. This week was good for us - working away... This week we had zone leader council. It was pretty good... I've been in so many now, but they are always good. We had a good zone meeting as well with the zone this week. Yesterday was "candle day" here in Colombia. They turn out all the lights except for the Christmas lights, and light a bunch of candles. It's for the virgin. It was pretty, but I found it ironic that it quickly turned into a drunk fest. All night they were setting off super loud fireworks that shook the house and we couldn't  sleep too well. But anyway, that's December in Colombia! The Christmas devotional was really nice, too. It was a bummer though that I watched it in Spanish. It's always nice to listen to the original voice, but oh well. I saw Octavio and Carmen at the devotional. We baptized them when I was in Limonar with Elder Cartes. Good news. They are going to the temple the 19th of December to get sealed! So awesome! Good for them. Anyway, that's about all that happened this week folks... But I love you all. I hope you have a good week. Me and my companion are contacting like crazy. I've never really done it in my mission until now, but you gotta do what you gotta do. We are trying. I really do know that the gospel is true. Keeping the commandments brings true happiness. Love you all. Talk to you more next week.

Elder Dean 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Spirit of Chirstmas.

Hey all.

Hey everybody. How's it going? Hope every thing's good. I'm a little short for time. I've only got about 10 min left til pday is over... But anyway, this week was pretty good. It was fairly normal, and Elder Tolentino and I are working away. I'm grateful for my many blessings and the opportunity that I have to be serving. This week we will have leadership council, and I think we are going to start caroling as a district once a week in December. That's not really a tradition here, so I don't know how it will turn out, but I think it will be cool. I love you all and thanks for all your prayers. I gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday about the law of tithing and the spirit of Christmas (interesting talking about the two together. Thanks bishop for letting me know 5 min before sacrament meeting started haha). But i hope that we can all get in the spirit of Christmas by forgetting ourselves and serving others this Christmas season. I hope you all have a good week, and I'll write more next week!

Elder Dean

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Hey Everybody!
What's going on? Another week has come and gone, and here I am writing you on Tuesday. We had pday today. It was super weird having a pday on a Tuesday, but we had a conference with the whole mission yesterday. The church is launching a really big Christmas message for the whole world. It's going to be pretty big. EVERYBODY needs to start posting a few times during December in your facebooks and social network etc. It's called in English #heisthegift. Everybody can get on to christmas.mormon.org and share it with everybody. Cool stuff. Anyway, this week has been pretty good. My first week with Elder Tolentino. He's a good missionary. He's been out about 10 months and feels a little nervous about being a zone leader, but he's cool. We are just working hard, and I'm sure we will have success soon. Other than that, I don't know what's up. I'm kinda having a mind blank, but that's about all that's going on. This week we had a karaoke night, but not too many people showed up, but it was fun anyway. I love you all. This week or last week was Thanksgiving- I'm not really sure. I kinda loose track of these kinds of things down here, but it's all good. Well. I'm grateful for a lot of things. I'm grateful for my family and friends. The gospel. 'Im grateful that salvation is free if we choose it, and that Heavenly Father is willing to wait and be patient with every single one of us, no matter how long our personal changes take. I love you all, and I'm grateful for this Christmas season that will be starting up soon. Hope you all have a good week.

Elder Dean
Elder Tolentino and I drinking INCA COLA. It's a soda from Peru.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

4th Transfer In Colon.

Hey gringolandia! How's it going? Hope you all had a good week. I had a pretty normal week. We worked along this last week with Elder Morales. Poor guy. We were together 3 transfers- quite a bit of time- and although after 4 and a half months, and you are ready for a change, it's still hard because you're just used to your comp. I didn't sleep last night very well, but I think it was because my whole neighborhood was partying all night, and this afternoon they were still outside drinking. Party hard. Anyway, I sent him off last night, and they left me alone to do transfers in my zone of 26 haha (so sorry if the email is short). For right now, I'm in a trio with the other 2 Elders of Colon. So my new companion will be Elder Tolentino from Peru. 4th Peruvian companion in my mission. I'm pretty sure I have the record haha. I'll be training him as a zone leader this transfer, and then I think they'll ship me off to my last area. YIKES. I start my "4th quarter" this week. Anyway, I think I'll be with him Wednesday morning. Other than that, every thing's going good. I'm hoping things will get going soon here in my area. This week I'm very grateful for the gospel in our lives, and very grateful that Heavenly Father is so patient with us. He is more patient with us than we are with ourselves sometimes, that's for sure. I was reading the scriptures this week, and I love when Jesus teaches in Matthew that the kingdom of heaven is for those who are not perfect, for those who make mistakes, but repent and do the Father's will (Matthew 21: 28-31) Anyway, my time's up all, but I hope you all have a good week. I'll let you know how my first week with my new companion goes next week. Love you all!

Elder Dean

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

La Loma de la Cruz

Hey. How's it going everyone? Sounds like it was a pretty crazy week back home, but good stuff! Well this week was pretty normal. Nothing too big happening. We have a few people we are teaching, and we are really hoping that some people will be able to start progressing soon! Anyway, this is the last week of the transfer, so Elder Morales is going home. Every time he sees an airplane, I think he stares at it just a tad bit too long haha! Today for pday we went to "La Loma de la Cruz." It's where they make and sell all the hand made art stuff, leather, bags, jewelry, native stuff. We went there a while back, and we went today so Elder Morales could buy some stuff to take home. We also went downtown. It's craziness! You can find stuff super cheap, and he bought some more stuff. It was a nightmare- tons of people. But that's about it. It was his last pday, so I had to go along with him. It's all good. So anyway, other than that, I'm doing pretty good. Just working along. Lots of things to improve as the mission goes on. I finished the Book of Mormon again. I read it in Spanish this time, and I started it again this week, but in English this time... It's the best book there is :) Anyway, I love you all. I hope you all have a good week. Sorry this email is short. I'll let you all know what goes down next week. CHAITO.

Elder Dean

Belalcazar look out

Sunday lunch

Elder Hansen headed home to Idaho
Elder Henao going home to Medellin Colombia
I'll miss these guys

My lizard friend I caught in the house

Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween Dress Up and Cristo Rey.

Hey thur amigos!

What's happening everybody? Another week has come and gone. 2 more weeks here with my companion, and then he's headed back to Peru. We are working along. I'm trying to keep him from being too trunky. Haha He's a good guy. But seriously. I defiantly don't wanna end trunky. Gotta go out working hard. So this week was pretty normal... Halloween was pretty calm until about 7 or 8, and then there was nothing to do. Everybody was in the streets partying. There weren't even members home, so we walked around and went home at about 9 defeated. Ha. But it's all good. Other than that, I'm doing ok. I think the mission is probably the biggest lesson I've ever had. Heavenly Father defiantly wants me to learn many things here in my mission, I'm sure of that. I love the mission. Even though it's a little hard right now, I know that I have something to learn, something to change, and I know that Heavenly Father knows everything. I think change is the hardest thing for us humans to do.. Especially for me. But I also think that the only losers in this life are those who stop trying to get better, no matter how long the change takes. Today for pday we went to Cristo Rey, the big Christ statue that overlooks Cali. President and Sister Prince and the APs took me to Cristo Rey my first day here in Cali, and it was cool to go back and take some pics. My companion had never been, and he only has 1 pday left next week, so today and next week I'm just following him around, letting him do whatever he wants to do for his last pdays. I'll send some pics. Anyway peeps... I love you all, and I hope you all have a really good week. I'm grateful for your prayers, and I'm grateful for my Heavenly Father and my family. Love you all. We'll talk more next week. My time's up!
Elder Dean

 Halloween- dressed up as Elder Mejia
 "Welcome to Cristo Rey"

 Cristo Rey
The View

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shining Shoes and Teaching English.

Hey there.

Howdayyy Everybody! Just wanna tell you all I would probably do some crazy things right now for a nice cold root beer! haha. Anyway... I'm doing pretty good. This past week was rough in some ways but there were good moments too, obviously. This week was stake conference for all 4 stakes here in Cali. The stake conference was a bit different. They did a live session from Salt Lake specifically for Cali Colombia. To my surprise, two 70s talked, as well as Jeffery R Holland. He spoke to the stakes here. It was a good message. He talked and told us that we are in the promised land. That Colombia will flourish like the Book of Mormon prophesies, and he issued a call to repentance. It was good! It's rained a few times this week, so things have been a little cooler, but it's been super muggy when the sun comes out. Sunday night we went with a few elders in the district to a park really close to our house and the chapel, and we set up a table. We put up signs "FREE CHOCOLATE" and "FREE SHOE SHINE" as well as English classes. As people passed we talked to them about families, and about the church, inviting them to English class in the chapel, and I shined quite a few shoes haha. It was good to do something a bit different, and many people signed up for English class... We'll see what turns out. Today was a pretty normal pday. Played some soccer this morning, and I must say I made like 2 goals :) haha. Sun burnt... But it's all good. Other than that, I ate lunch and cut my hair. Normal stuff! Anyway, I gotta go now. It's almost 6 o'clock. Time to start the new week. .Hope you all have a good week and keep (or start) studying the scriptures. Especially the life of Christ. I'm trying to do the same. Learn more about him. About his nature, about his role in our lives. I love you all. Talk more next week!

Elder Dean

Monday, October 20, 2014

Enjoy The Seasons.


What's happening peeps? Hope you all had a good week. So what's new here in good old Cali Colombia... Not much! Just working along haha. Elder Morales and I are working along, but unfortunately we aren't seeing the results quite yet... We defiantly need to step it up a notch. He's going home in about 3 weeks, and we will complete 4 and a half months together. We need to get on our horse and send him out on a good note. Anyway, although some of our investigators aren't progressing like we would want, I am sure that we will have some success soon. A few inactives we have been visiting came to church yesterday. What joy! Well sometimes I forget that it's October and that the leave are falling now, and everything back home. I miss that! Hope you all can enjoy the changing of the seasons. It's the same all year round pretty much here! Anyway, things will continue to march on here. Today for pday we played volleyball and then we had a barbecue! I cooked all the meat on a charcoal grill... hope everybody stays healthy! Haha! Well everybody- love you tons. Please continue to pray for the work here in my area. We have seen some problems and difficulties here in the ward. Seems to be a pattern in general here, in every ward that I've been in. But the work will march on. I love you all, and I am so very thankful for the gospel in my life. Hope you all have a good week. Talk to you more next Monday!

Elder Dean

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cruising Along.

Hey everybody. What's new?

Things are just cruising along here nothing too new! We are working along and have a few investigators... Trying to help have a baptism soon. Prayers please! Anyway, this week we had zone leader council. It was so weird- all of the zone leaders are new now. I am the 2nd oldest zone leader in council now. Only good old Elder Joglar is older than me. It's so weird to see the mission changing, but that's how it is! But anyway... doing good. So yesterday, Sunday, I had the opportunity to bless the sacrament last minute since the 2 priests didn't show up. I haven't blessed the sacrament in a few months. While breaking the bread and during the sacrament, I felt the spirit super strong. It was refreshing to bless the sacrament and to really pay attention to the words in the prayer. I hope you can all have a good week, and next Sunday when taking the sacrament really pay attention to the words in the hymn, and especially the prayer. I love you all so much. Sorry the letter is short, but I hope you all have a good week. Thanks for you prayers and thoughts on my behalf and for the work here.

Elder Dean

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Three Months in Colon.

Hey what's happening all?

Hey everybody! Hope you all had a good general conference weekend. This week was good- working along, and I especially enjoyed the conference. I know that some things stood out to me, and I learned. I learned about having love for God and worrying more about him than others and what they think of us. I learned about the importance of caring for the poor, needy, and afflicted in body and spirit, especially by obeying the law of the fast and paying fast offerings. I learned about sustaining the prophet, and I learned that life is better with the gospel. Talks that I really liked: Elder Uchdorf and President Monson in the priesthood session, Elder Chistopherson, Elder Bendar Sunday afternoon session, and others. Anyway, transfers came in and I'm not going anywhere. Neither is my companion. He will end his mission here with me in 6 weeks- completing 4 and a half months together here in this area. 6 more weeks- here we go! Anyway, today for pday we didn't have much to do... We went and printed off pictures as a back up if my memory card ever gets damaged or something, ate lunch, and then we didn't have much to do so we went to the chapel and watched half of The Other Side of Heaven in the air conditioned bishopric's office. Haha. Busy pday... Anyway, looks like my pdays up. Time to start the new week and transfer. 3 months down here in Colon, and looks like I'm not going anywhere. Haha! Love you all. Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Dean
Gringos listening to conference.
We tried to make root beer for the conference...
Didn't work out too well but it was worth the try!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Three generations.

Hey everybody.
Hi everyone. How's it going? Hope everything's good. I'm doing just fine here... Sorry this week I'm short for time. Internet seemed all funky today, so hopefully my messages got to everybody.... Who knows. Anyway, I'm doing good. This week went fine. We are working along. I'm super excited for general conference this weekend. I hope you can all make an effort to listen, too! This is the last week of this transfer. Transfers come in this weekend. 3 months down here in Cali, here in Colon. Times flying by... This week I went and did a division in Jamundi. Jamundi is a town about 30 minutes south of Cali. My old companion that I trained is there in Jamundi... Good old Silverio! He's training too right now, so now I have a grandson.  That's how we call it in the mission. Silverio is my son because I trained him, and now he's training another Elder, so he's my grandson. Haha! Anyway, sorry this letter is super short today, but I hope you all have a good week. I'll let you know about the tranfers next week, and hope you all enjoy conference! Thanks for your prayers and thoughts. Love you all!

Elder Dean
Three generations

La Obra de Salvation.

What's up everybody. Hope every thing's going good back home. Things here are cruising along. So this week we had a visit from Elder Scott Grow of the 70. Thursday we had a meeting with him- all the zone leaders in the mission- all afternoon, and then Friday almost all day we had a meeting with him- all the missionaries in Valle. We were about 140. The meeting was held in my chapel here in Colon, so it was my job to make sure everything was in order. Fun stuff. You'd never think so many little things would have to be done for a visit of a seventy. It was crazy. But anyway, all day Friday too, after I was just ready to get back to normal. But the visit was good Elder Grow is awesome. We talked a ton about getting the ward involved in the work. They are changing the name now. It's not "La Obra Misional." It's now "La Obra de Salvation" Cool. They are changing stuff. Investigators have to attend 3 Sundays now, and not just sacrament meeting. To be baptized they have to attend 3 times, but all 3 church meetings. More focus on the converts and less actives. Stuff like that. I like it though. The attitude has changed drastically since when I first got to the mission field to now. I like it better in some ways, and in some ways I miss some aspects, but it's all good! In the end, whatever I do, I just want to be successful in helping people and being a blessing to others. To be a good servant. Things are going along, and I will keep at it. I hope you are all doing well. I love you and miss you all. I think when it comes down to it.... Life's just better with the gospel. Being at peace with God and fellow men should be our ultimate desire. I think I'm developing that desire.. To do whatever it takes to be at peace with God first, and after, everyone else. Let's all keep it up. Love you all. Hope you have a good week. If you need a booster, go this next Sunday to the temple and have a walk around and think about what's really important in this life. The leaves should be changing color now, right? It's the same climate here year round... I miss the temple. I miss you all. Talk to you more next week!

Elder Dean

Friday, September 19, 2014

Elder Grow, Victor's Baptism, San Antonio.

Hey everybody!

What's new? Every thing's just cruising along here doing fine. This week was pretty normal. We worked hard keeping at it. So this week Elder Grow is coming in to visit. He's a seventy, so we will have a leadership council with him Thursday, and then Friday we will have a meeting with him and all the missionaries s here in Valle (everybody in Cali, Tulua, Buenaventura, etc). Pretty much everybody except for those who are in Pasto or Popayan. That should be cool. Hey, sorry I didn't send any pictures last week of Victor's baptism or anything. I've been having trouble with my memory and camera. Virus, I'm pretty sure... That's what we get when we use sketchy public computers haha! No- but anyway, we are doing good here. Trying really hard to get some new investigators... The work is so much better when members help. Gotta keep trying to get the members to help us out and work as a team! This week my testimony of fasting was strengthened. I know that if we are passing through difficult times, or we need help with something, fasting truly helps. Anyway, sorry this letter is going to be super short this week, but I love you all. I'll send off some pictures this week of our last pday. We went around Cali visiting some cool sites. Today for pday we just did the normal play soccer, and then we went to Burger King haha. Anyway, I love you all. I hope you all have a great week. Talk to you more next Monday!
Elder Dean
Victor's Baptism

Catholic church: San Antonio

Overlooking Cali from San Antonio

I Love Cali!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Baptism/Third Week of Transfer

Hey everybody!

So sorry about last week. I didn't get a letter off for the blog... I think that might be the first time I haven't written! Sorry about that. But anyway... So this week we had zone leader council. It was good. We learned a lot, and the vision is that we can start trying to help the ward down here be one with the missionaries, and try to get better in that aspect. This week we had to do house riviosions of all the elders in the zone. Blah! Ha- the worst. But anyway, that's all over now. Until next month. Ha! So, this weekend we had a baptism! Victor got baptized. He had his interview with President Pricoli and passed, so we went ahead with the baptism. I had the opportunity to baptize him Saturday night, and then Sunday morning he gave us a scare and showed up half way through sacrament meeting! He got confirmed at the end of sacrament meeting. The bishop looked at me to do it, so I confirmed him as well haha! But it's all good. Way to go Victor. He's going to Ecuador for a week, so we'll see him in a week or so. Anyway, we are starting the 3rd week of this transfer already. The time's going by! I hope that I can continue trying to be better and become the missionary that God wants me to be. I love you all. I hope you are all doing well. Keep going holding onto that iron rod. I'm reading the Book of Mormon again. I'm in Alma and cruising along loving it. I'm reading it in Spanish again, and when I end it, it will be my 4th time reading it here in the mission. I hope to never stop reading it at least a little bit the rest of my life. I hope we can all keep reading, and keep trying to become better people everyday. I love you all. I hope you have a good week. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts. Talk to you all more next week!

Love Elder Dean

Gluten Free Colombia Style.


Sunday, August 31, 2014

First Transfer In Colon Cali Down.

Hey all.

How's it going?? This week has been good. We've been working in 3 this whole week. Kinda interesting.... Transfers came in annnndd.... I'm not going anywhere. Surprise! haha. Me and Elder Morales are staying put. Elder Cervantes is leaving us.  He's going to Popayan, and we'll be back to normal Wednesday. So this week we had zone conferences. We were together with another zone here in Cali and we listened to President Pricoli and the APs.  We learned and practiced. It was good. I enjoyed the conference. Best part was they ordered Domino's pizza for lunch... Nice! We are doing good here in the area. Just working along. Feeling ready to get this transfer going. First transfer in Colon Cali down... A few more to come I'm sure! Today for pday we made the trip to Burger King to eat lunch, and I went out of the way to a store where they sell imported stuff. I found a can of Doctor Pepper and a can of planters peanuts roasted. Nice haha. After, we went to the chapel and played ping pong for a while, and that's all folks! Sorry I got cut short on time this week a bit. Transfers in a zone of 26 are never fun. Yikes! Better get going.... Love you all! I hope you have a good week. Keep up the good work reading the scriptures, going to church, helping others, and praying. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. Talk more next week!

Elder Dean.

 Little ping pong tournament for pday. (Winner: yours truly haha)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Small and Simple Things.

Hey everybody! What's happening? So here we are. Another week gone and another week starting up. This is the last week of this transfer.  We'll have transfers come in this Sunday! Not gonna lie, this transfer has gone by pretty dang quick... But I'm pretty sure neither I nor my companion are going anywhere. He's been here 2 transfers now, and I've only been here 1. But I'll let you guys know for sure. Anyway, this week was good. We're working along. Yesterday, Sunday night, we took an Elder to the offices. He's going home. It's so weird to send missionaries home. I hate it! Weird feeling seeing people end, but oh well. Today, for pday, we were getting ready to start our pday at 10, when we got a call from the APs telling us that we had to go to the offices to pick up an Elder, and that he was going to be in a trio with us this week for some situations. We went to the office and waited there a hour or two for him, and then picked him up. We didn't have time to do much with the pday, but it's all good. It happens sometimes. We had enough time to go to the grocery store and clean the house a bit. So we'll be in a trio this week until transfers come in. Anyway, this Sunday was cool. We had the opportunity to help a sister we are teaching to come to church. She has cancer, and her mom is in a wheel chair, but she really had a desire to make it to church this week because she's starting more chemo therapy this Tuesday, and wanted to go to church before starting. We woke up early and went to her house because she lives pretty far from the chapel. I carried her mom from her wheelchair to the taxi, and she made it to church and stayed all 3 hours. She was a happy camper. Small and simple thing. Scripture for the week: D&C 64 verse 33 "Wherefore be not weary in well doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of that which is small procedeeth that which is great" Que tengan una semana excelente. Los quiero muchísimo.

Elder Dean

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tres Cruzes.

What's cracka lackin'?
Haha! Hey everybody. What's cracka lackin'? (That's the phrase of the day I taught my companion in English haha).  This week was good, and busy, and also slow at the same time haha. Kinda weird but it's all good. This week we had leadership conference with all the zone leaders. It was good. We learned a lot, and I had to say goodbye to Elder Wilcox. He's headed home. All the homies are dying off haha. Gotta make some new ones. This Saturday we had a baptismal service. Natalia and Paula were baptized. It was a nice baptismal service. President and Sister Pricoli made a surprise drop in and attended the service, which was cool. I confirmed Paula on Sunday. Today for pday we did a pretty long hike. We went to Tres Cruzes, three crosses that are up on the mountain overlooking Cali. On the way up we took a wrong path and ended up rock climbing up. Haha It was sketchy. But it was all worth it up on the top. I'm super tired from the hike ha. I'll make sure and send some pictures. Anyway, that's about all that went down this week. I finished the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price. Super cool. Just more evidence that Joseph Smith was a prophet. When it comes down to it, I think every one of us has to ask the question if he was a prophet or no. I know that if we do our part and ask with faith, we can always feel that he was. When doubts and questions come after we have gained a testimony, you can say to those doubting thoughts, like I heard once, "Sorry doubting and strange thoughts, I am going to stick with my hope and faith and you can just hit the road." Haha Something like that. I have a weird way of thinking sometimes. Anyway, I hope you all have a happy week by doing the things that make one happy. Real happiness. Love you all. Have a good week. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts.

Elder Dean


Happy baptismal service

Tres Cruzes

Tres Cruzes

On the way up

Nice View

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cali Zoo.

Hey everybody!

Hey all. What's happening? Well another week has come and gone, and ready to start another one. Bang! I'm doing good here in Cali - trucking along just fine. This past week was good. This week we had a cool appointment with Natalia and Paula and their dad. Natalia and Paula have been going to church for about 4 years now with their aunt and uncle. They aren't members because their dad has never let them get baptized. Wednesday Elder Morales and I went to the appointment and taught the dad and them. In the leccion we explained, taught, and asked for permission for them to get baptized. Hey just looked at us and said "Yep. I don't see any problems with it now. When's it going to be?" WHEW. Haha. Super cool. The baptismal service is planned for this Saturday. Vamos bien. Other than that, it's been a pretty normal week. Today for p-day we went to the Cali zoo with some of the missionaries from the zone. It was super cool. There were tons of animals. Unfortunately my camera battery went out about halfway through the zoo, but I still got quite a few pics. I'll send 1 or 2. The zoo is a little bigger than the Salt Lake zoo and has more exotic animals. Tons of different birds, tons of different monkeys, tigers, bears, lions OH MY. Haha. I gotta cut it short this week, but I just wanna share my testimony about the patience the Lord has for us. I love the Lord, and I know that he definitely loves me more than I love myself. He has everlasting attributes; one of them divine patience. He has more patience with us than we have for ourselves. He loves us. We are preparing to live with him. To be like him. Sometimes we get focused on little things. Sometimes we forget the big picture. Anyway. Love you all. Have patience. Especially with yourselves. "Continue forward with patience until you are perfected. " Have a good week!

Elder Dean
 White Tiger
 Tell Rico I found his long lost cousin
 PLEASE! Call Derek Zoolander and tell him I perfected Blue Steel.
 I found a light saber in the apartment. No biggie.
Colon Ward. Best Missionaries.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Baptisms in Cali


Hey everybody. What's up? Hope your week was "chevere". My week was pretty good. I'm getting used to my area. I feel like I know it pretty well now. Getting used to Cali again, too! I think I'm getting my Cali accent back haha! Anyway, this week was good. We had our first interviews with President and Sister Pricoli this week. All went well. This week I had an interesting experience. I was in a baptismal interview with a investigator that the office elders are teaching (miracles- the office elders are baptizing somebody haha jk..) But anyway, I was interviewing him and I could tell something wasn't right. I felt impressed to ask him about his family, and he informed me that his family didn't want him to get baptized, and that's what was holding him back. We talked for quite a while, maybe too long, (ha) and in the end I invited him to pray and ask Heavenly Father if he should get baptized. We knelt down and he started to pray and asked. There was a long silence for a few minutes, and just before my knees couldn't take it any longer, he seemed super weired out. I asked him what he was thinking, and I think the spirit spoke to him so strong, it actually kind of scared him. Took him by surprise. Long story short, he got baptized this weekend. We also had a baptismal service. Leonardo got baptized. It was super cool because another young man in the ward who is a recent convert baptized him. The service was good, and he got confirmed Sunday. Way to go Leo! Anyway, I gotta log off, but thanks for your prayers and thoughts. I'll send off a few pics because I finally have a camera again. Anyway hope you all have a good week. Love you all.

Elder Dean
 Leonardo's Baptism
 Esteban baptized Leonardo (Leonardo doesnt have a tie on)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

First Week Back In Cali.

Que hubo parseros??

Estoy de nuevo en... CALI. My first week back in Cali and... Wow! I'm getting used to the heat and noise and gun shots again haha! It makes me remember so much from when I first started my mission. I'm about 15 minutes away from my first area. Ha! For example, the chapel that I'm in here now, in Colon, I played soccer in. on my first pday in the mission, and today for pday we went to burger king Ha I also went there in my first few weeks in the mission. I ate a burger with fries and a milkshake. It's been like 10 months since I've eaten that haha! So last Monday night I had to say goodbye to everybody in Pasto, which was super hard. Had to fight back the tears, that's for sure. Tuesday, I made the long bus ride from Pasto to Cali, for probably the last time, and this past week I've been getting to know my area. My companion is Elder Morales; a really calm guy from Peru... too calm haha! But he's good. The ward here seems good. There are a few cool members, a few returned missionaries, and stuff... We'll see what goes down! We have plans to have a baptismal service this weekend, so I'll let you all know how that goes for sure. So anyway, I'm here again in Cali, getting used to it, but I'm doing fine! Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts. I ran out of time again today, but next week I'll try to send a few pics if I can and write a bit better. I hope you all have a good week and I'll write you all for sure next Monday. Gotta get the new week started! Chaooo

Elder Dean

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Transfer Back to Cali.

Hey thur.

Hey everybody. Hope you all had a good week... I'm super short for time this week because I'm getting transferred. I got the news this morning that they are transferring me back to Cali. They are transferring me to lead zone San Fernando, the biggest zone in the mission. I'm leaving Pasto, a zone of 20 missionaries, and they send me to a zone of 26 missionaries. Fun stuff! I have to travel tomorrow all day, and with this bus trip back to Cali I will have spent more than 1 week in total in a bus with all of my trips from Cali to Pasto and back. Last one tomorrow. This weekend I also had the opportunity to baptize Sebastian. Sunday morning before sacrament meeting I baptized him. He's 8 years old, and his aunt and uncle that he lives with are members. Sorry I didn't have the chance to snap a pic, but it's all good. Anyway, it will be super hard to leave all the converts and members behind, but I know that the transfers are for a reason. My new companion's name is Elder Morales. I think he's from Peru, but I'm not sure. I don't know him too well... Tomorrow morning I'll hop on the bus and make the long trip to Cali. Back to the hot hot busy crazy city Cali. Sorry I didn't have time to write much, but I hope you all have a great week. I love my mission. My heart hurts leaving everybody behind here in Pasto, but I trust that there are more people I need to help by going back to Cali. I love the church. I know it's true. I hope you all feel it too... Talk to you more next week!

Elder Dean

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Visa's Visa.

Hey fam, friends,

Waddup. Hope you all had a great week this week. My week was good. We got to Cali late Monday night, woke up and did the errands to renew Elder Viza's Visa (haha viza visa) and were traveling all day right away Tuesday afternoon! We got home Wednesday at like 1 in the morning, and worked hard all day Wednesday. Thursday we got shut up in the house, order of President Pricoli for the Colombia vs. Brazil game. Colombia lost, but for some reason they kept celebrating and drinking all night long.  They win they party... They lose they party. Party hard. We were shut up all day Thursday. I almost went crazy. Friday night the assistant's came into town with President Pricoli and stayed at our house. Elder Eliason and I had a sweet batting practice session until he drilled me. Line drive shot. Haha It was fun stuff. Crazy that he's going home next week. I'll miss him for sure. We got to know President Pricoli Saturday morning. He seems super nice. I had to direct the meeting. Sketchy in front of zone Ipaiales and zone Pasto, but I didn't say anything embarrassing, so we're good. Ha! We'll see how President wants to drive the mission this week in zone leader council in Cali on Thursday... You know what that means.... BUS RIDE AGAIN. haha Gotta travel to Cali again this week. Fun stuff. Anyway fam, better cut it short for this week. Transfers are coming in this Sunday. I'll complete 3 transfers here in Pasto, but I think I'm going for 1 more! I'll let you know what goes down next Monday. Hope you all have a great week. Homework this week is: read the scriptures everyday and attend all 3 hours of church this next Sunday. Let's always keep the basics in mind :) Love you all!

Elder Dean

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Traveling Back to Cali.

Hey errrrrrrone!

Hey all. How's it going? Hope you all had a good week. My week wasn't too eventful, although a few interesting things have happened I suppose... President and Sister Prince headed out, and we had the changing of the guard Friday. President Pricoli is now the new president, and I don't know him yet, but I think I will get to know him this week... Colombia is crazy. President Pricoli didn't let us do any prosiliting Saturday from 3-5 in the afternoon, because Colombia was playing in the world cup. It was nuts. They won their game, and the whole country went nuts! haha. Crazy Colombians. Does anyone even know the world cup is going on in the States? Who knows... Anyway, I am writing way early today. Last night the office called us, and they made a mistake with my companion's visa. He is going to be illegal Wednesday, so we have to travel to Cali all day today to renew his visa tomorrow. Sweet p-day huh? Cooped up in a bus traveling 10 hours... Bummer! haha But it's all good. I guess it's better than having my companion deported. Anyway, that's about it for this week... Hope you all have a great week and remember to do the small things (prayers, scripture study everyday etc.) I've noticed that in my life lately as a missionary, I think I stopped praying for humility and with real intent little by little, and have felt a wake up call spiritually. Sometimes I think God is good at that... He loves us so when we start straying, he usually helps us get back on the right track, even if its a little rough. Anyway, I love you all. I hope you have a good week. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts. I always need them! Love you all.

Elder Dean

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Wedding, Baptisms, Soccer, and International Foods Day

Hey Hey HEY

Hi everybody! Como van? Bien? Bueno :) Hope you all had a good week. This week was pretty crazy actually- not gonna lie ha! Lots of things happened, but I'll just fill you guys in on a few things that went down... So Friday morning we got Carolina and Fihber married. Good stuff! Friday afternoon I went in a division with Elder Armstrong. He's from Kanab, Utah. We went to a member's house in his ward who owns a bakery, and we made a few huge trays of brownies for our activity, International Foods, we did Friday night.. It was also like the wedding party for Carolina and Fihber. We did it in the chapel. It was stressful, but turned out sweet. Elder Viza and the two sisters we share the ward with all cooked something from their countries. It turned out cool. About 150 people showed up. That's like 100 more than show up for sacrament meeting haah! Anyway, Saturday we had a baptismal service. I baptized two boys the sisters had been teaching, and then baptized Carolina. Saturday night after our baptisms, an Elder called me from my zone stressed out because his baptism fell through. We all had a commitment that if everybody in the mission baptized, that we could all go to Cali to say goodbye to President, and this Elder was the only one who hadn't baptized in our zone. We got down there and helped him out, and talked to his investigator, and he ended up getting baptized! Stressful and all, but we completed here in Pasto. We waited Sunday night for the call- the green light to travel to Cali for the farewell of President Prince, but the APs called us about 10 50 and told us that we almost completed as a mission, but fell short... NO farewell for President Prince. We were super bummed out, but oh well! What can you do. The Lord really helped us out here in Pasto though. With prayer, fasting, and hard work, we all baptized here in Pasto. The Lord is great. Although I won't be able to say goodbye to President Prince, I know the work will go forward. President Pricolli is coming in this week, and onward ever onward! Anyway, ran out of time, but thanks for all your prayers and thoughts. I'll send pics this week for sure. Hope you all have a good week. Talk to you more next Monday!

Elder Dean

 Proud Colombians

 Carolina and Fihber


 Dinner is served

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy 20.


Hey everybody. What's up? Sorry I'm pretty short on time this week but I'll write a quick letter... This week was pretty normal, but good. Yesterday was my birthday- nothing so special going on or anything. A few "Happy birthday Elder Dean" s from the members in church, and Carlos bought me ice cream and a book that I'll have to read after the mission. Awesome guy, Carlos. His sister, who's like 38, gave me a cupcake and kissed me for my birthday. Took me by surprise! Carlos was like, " Hey you can't kiss him! He's a missionary!" haha Funny stuff. I was probably more red than a tomato. But thanks for all your birthday wishes. I love you all. Happy 20... Weird. This week is President Prince's last full week as President, and then we are getting a change of president. Not sure how I feel about that. A little weird for sure, but you just gotta keep rolling with it I suppose. Anyway, sorry I had to cut it short this week, but thanks for all your prayers and thoughts. I hope you all have a good week, and I'll write you all more next week for sure! CHAO.

Elder Dean

Monday, June 9, 2014

Transfers and Immigration.

Hey everybody!

Hey everybody- what's new? I hope you all had a good week. My week was good... And hectic haha! So last Tuesday I had to get all of the missionaries out of Pasto for transfers early in the morning. I got together with Elder Payne (he's the zone leader in Pasto) because our companions both got transferred. It was hectic, but it all turned out well... Until about 11 o'clock. The president's secretary called me "ELDER DEAN! IMGIGRACION HAS SISTER LOPEZ AND CHUB!!!" I was like "What?!?" He told me that the police stopped the bus the missionaries were on that I sent out, and had taken Sister chub and Lopez... That's when I remembered- I had forgot to renew Sisters Chub's visa... My heart sank! I rushed down to immigration, and there they were, locked up, and ready to deport Sister Chub... I spent 5 hours running around Pasto like a chicken with my head cut off, getting the visa renewed, and 6 hours later finally got them out. WHEW. Almost had a sister missionary deported on my watch. Strike 3- you're dead Elder Dean haha. But in the end, all is well. Traveled to Cali all day Wednesday for zone leader council on Thursday. Got together with my new companion, EL GRAN ELDER VIZA. But the ride all night home was the pits... Ha. Sunday afternoon we were able to help Carlos with another activity for his foundation. Didn't turn out as well as the last one, but it was still good. Carlos is a stud- he gave a good chat. Well errrbody.... gotta get back to work. P-day has come and gone. Spent half of it in the hospital with Elder Arias.  He split his head open when we were playing soccer today. Fun stuff! Poor kid. Anyway, love you all. Hope you all have an awesome weekend. Grateful for your prayers and thoughts. The mission is an adventure. The hardest and best adventure I've ever been on. The church is true. Have a good week!

Elder Dean
Whipping up some agua panela
 Sunday with Carlos

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2 Transfers in Pasto, Another To Go.

Hi thurrrr!
Hey everybody. Como van? I'm doing good here. A little chilly and a tad bit stressed, but its all goooooood. So this week was pretty normal working wise... Waiting for the transfers to come in, which they did last night. Annnnnnd like half my zone is outta here. haha I think 8 missionaries got transferred, including my companion, Elder Delgadillo. He is headed to Cali, close to the offices for his last 3 weeks in the mission field. We spent today, pday, for him to get ready to head out tomorrow morning. My new companion is Elder Viza from Peru. I know him a bit. He was in my first zone in Cali for a few months, and I have talked to him on occasions. Seems like a serious guy, but a good missionary for sure. We will get together in zone leader conference in Cali Thursday, and then travel back all night Thursday to Pasto. Everybody in the zone is headed off tomorrow, so I will have to get together with Elder Payne, the zone leader in Ipalies tomorrow to not be alone, and then him and I will travel together all day Wednesday to get to Cali for council.... Crazy week! Completed my second transfer (3 months) here in Pasto, and getting ready to start another one! It was a good 3 months here with Elder Delgadillo. Hard moments and fantastic moments... Awesome people like Carlos, Angela, and many others we were able to help. He is headed back to Guatemala in 3 weeks, finishing his 2 years here. I'm grateful to have had him as a companion, even though there were hard moments. He was and is an excellent person and missionary. I learned a lot, and I am excited and looking forward here to the future. Kinda a crummy connection today. I couldn't really communicate well with anybody- sorry! But happy birthday Sara! Love you! Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts during this week, and prayers for smooth transitions during transfers... Love you all have a great week!

Elder Dean

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Service Project in Pasto.

Pasto puessss

Hey errrrone. How's it going. Here I am getting ready to end this pday, and start the new week! Last week of the transfer right here. Transfers come in this Sunday. Gotta work hard even when transfers are coming in... This week was pretty good... Pretty normal. I completed 1 year in the mission! Wooooo! Big guy haha I thought about buying a shirt for the one year mark, which is the tradition, but I didn't do it... haha! Cool thing we did with Carlos yesterday (Sunday afternoon)- we headed up to a poor neighborhood with a bunch of clothes for kids, and bread and hot chocolate. Carlos gave a speech for his foundation that he has, and then the locura came. We gave out all of the clothes to the moms, and after, we gave the bread and hot chocolate. We got like 6 cool references. Every one of them for the sisters and their area. Bummer haha! But it's all good. I'll send some pics. Today for pday was pretty chill. We cleaned the house really good this morning. We hadn't deep cleaned in about... 3 months. haha! JK... But the apartment's clean now. We ate lunch in the mall and played a little air hockey before walking downtown, cut the hair, did some errands and that's all folks! Angela and Carlos are both doing good in their progress as new members. Carlos got ordained as a priest yesterday. Anyway, the work goes on, no? I hope you all have a great week. I truly thank you all for your prayers and thoughts on my behalf, and for the people I'm teaching and people that I need to find. I'll let you all know what goes down with transfers next week. Love you all... See you later! (I heard Dez got to baptize in the ocean! Lucky duck.)

Elder Dean
 Happy Moms

Passing out bread and hot chocolate 

 The Crew
 Pasto Zone- Happy Mothers Day