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Monday, June 23, 2014

A Wedding, Baptisms, Soccer, and International Foods Day

Hey Hey HEY

Hi everybody! Como van? Bien? Bueno :) Hope you all had a good week. This week was pretty crazy actually- not gonna lie ha! Lots of things happened, but I'll just fill you guys in on a few things that went down... So Friday morning we got Carolina and Fihber married. Good stuff! Friday afternoon I went in a division with Elder Armstrong. He's from Kanab, Utah. We went to a member's house in his ward who owns a bakery, and we made a few huge trays of brownies for our activity, International Foods, we did Friday night.. It was also like the wedding party for Carolina and Fihber. We did it in the chapel. It was stressful, but turned out sweet. Elder Viza and the two sisters we share the ward with all cooked something from their countries. It turned out cool. About 150 people showed up. That's like 100 more than show up for sacrament meeting haah! Anyway, Saturday we had a baptismal service. I baptized two boys the sisters had been teaching, and then baptized Carolina. Saturday night after our baptisms, an Elder called me from my zone stressed out because his baptism fell through. We all had a commitment that if everybody in the mission baptized, that we could all go to Cali to say goodbye to President, and this Elder was the only one who hadn't baptized in our zone. We got down there and helped him out, and talked to his investigator, and he ended up getting baptized! Stressful and all, but we completed here in Pasto. We waited Sunday night for the call- the green light to travel to Cali for the farewell of President Prince, but the APs called us about 10 50 and told us that we almost completed as a mission, but fell short... NO farewell for President Prince. We were super bummed out, but oh well! What can you do. The Lord really helped us out here in Pasto though. With prayer, fasting, and hard work, we all baptized here in Pasto. The Lord is great. Although I won't be able to say goodbye to President Prince, I know the work will go forward. President Pricolli is coming in this week, and onward ever onward! Anyway, ran out of time, but thanks for all your prayers and thoughts. I'll send pics this week for sure. Hope you all have a good week. Talk to you more next Monday!

Elder Dean

 Proud Colombians

 Carolina and Fihber


 Dinner is served

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