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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2 Transfers in Pasto, Another To Go.

Hi thurrrr!
Hey everybody. Como van? I'm doing good here. A little chilly and a tad bit stressed, but its all goooooood. So this week was pretty normal working wise... Waiting for the transfers to come in, which they did last night. Annnnnnd like half my zone is outta here. haha I think 8 missionaries got transferred, including my companion, Elder Delgadillo. He is headed to Cali, close to the offices for his last 3 weeks in the mission field. We spent today, pday, for him to get ready to head out tomorrow morning. My new companion is Elder Viza from Peru. I know him a bit. He was in my first zone in Cali for a few months, and I have talked to him on occasions. Seems like a serious guy, but a good missionary for sure. We will get together in zone leader conference in Cali Thursday, and then travel back all night Thursday to Pasto. Everybody in the zone is headed off tomorrow, so I will have to get together with Elder Payne, the zone leader in Ipalies tomorrow to not be alone, and then him and I will travel together all day Wednesday to get to Cali for council.... Crazy week! Completed my second transfer (3 months) here in Pasto, and getting ready to start another one! It was a good 3 months here with Elder Delgadillo. Hard moments and fantastic moments... Awesome people like Carlos, Angela, and many others we were able to help. He is headed back to Guatemala in 3 weeks, finishing his 2 years here. I'm grateful to have had him as a companion, even though there were hard moments. He was and is an excellent person and missionary. I learned a lot, and I am excited and looking forward here to the future. Kinda a crummy connection today. I couldn't really communicate well with anybody- sorry! But happy birthday Sara! Love you! Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts during this week, and prayers for smooth transitions during transfers... Love you all have a great week!

Elder Dean

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