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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

El Gato


So this week was pretty darn normal I suppose! We had a conference with zone Farallones, Agua Blanca, San Fernando, and maybe one other I can't remember. It was Wednesday with President Prince and the assistants. It was good to hear some motivation from President Prince. He's awesome. I'll miss him when we have a change of mission presidents next May. So this week we were in a leccion when the sun went down. We were in an area called Los Chorros. Anyway, long story short, this area is sketchy during the day time, and we ended the leccion after dark, and then there was a power outage in the area. Dang! All dark in Los Chorros. Sketchy to the max, but don't worry, I got out alive. So here in Cali, I'm not sure why, but people love to drink hot hot chocolate, even when it's blazing hot outside. Every time I'm dying of heat, people always give me hot choc.... Haha. This Sunday we also had stake conference, so our church attendance wasn't too hot, but it wasn't too bad. We had about 6 investigators show up, so that's pretty good for a stake conference. I hope they heard something good during the conference. So today for p-day we actually did something different. Me and Elder Cartes went with an investigator and saw some more of Cali. We went to an old catholic church, which was cool, and then we went to a church/museo called La Merced. That was pretty sweet, too. Then we went to the Parque de Gatos. It's a big statue of a cat. Kinda random, but cool I suppose. Ahh! I have no time to write this week, but I'll send some pictures! Hope you all have a good week. Talk to you later.


 La Hermita

 La Hermita y yo

 El Gato
 Jaison y yo

La Merced

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Haircut And A Busted Table.

Waddup Everybody.

So this week was pretty normal. Nothing too exciting. I had my first haircut here in Cali on Tuesday, I think. YIKES. Somebody call Brooke and tell her to hop on a plane for Colombia. Haha just kidding. It actually wasn't too bad. I paid like 6000 pesos (about 3 dollars). So for my first week here in Zona Farallones I was the only gringo, but now we have a new zone leader- Elder Wilcox. He's a pretty nice guy.  He's from Alaska. He's been out about a year. It was weird talking in English a little bit the past few days. So now we have 3 or 4 gringos in the zone. In the zone meeting we had this week, Elder Lawrence, a new missionary in this zone, wanted to arm wrestle me... Not sure why, but I said ok, and we arm wrestled. Haha! We were arm wresting and we totally broke the table in the church! My elbow totally went through the table haha! Saturday we had a activity at the church for investigators and members. We played soccer, of course. My team won all the games, not sure why (maybe it's because we have an awesome goalie.) It was good. Even the bishop played. Anyway, we had 10 investigators attend church this Sunday, so that's awesome. We will try to keep working with them, and then get them baptism dates soon. Nothing too exciting this week, but it's all good! We have stake conference this Sunday too, so not sure what will go down with that, but we'll see! Today for p-day we played soccer against Zone Agua Blance for a few hours and then rode the bus with the zone leaders to burger king and ate lunch. One of these p-days I might get a chance to rest, but I doubt it! So fam, friends.. until next week.  I'm outta time. Hope you all have a good week.
Elder Dean

Monday, August 12, 2013

Rain in Cali.

How's it going all? So this week in Cali we had rain! For, like, the first time since I got here! It was nice. It cooled off quite a bit, which was awesome. The problem now is, it's going to heat up again and probably be even more humid than normal, but it's all good. It was nice to have some cool weather for once. So this week we did splits again, earlier in the week. I went to another area called Israel with a elder from Peru, named Elder Viza. We ran into some Jehovah Witnesses and had and interesting talk. Ha! Funny stuff. This week they cut the water in Cali for a day or two. That wasn't too fun, but you do what ya gotta do, ya know! So Elder Cartes told me that I sometimes speak Spanish in my sleep. He says I say funny things- whatever that means! Hope it's not bad... Oh, this Saturday we had an activity at the church for a few hours. We played soccer for a few hours, and invited some investigators. It was good. I had to walk 30 minutes to the church with an 8 year old named Julian on my shoulders. Haha! Dang kid wouldn't walk! I was pretty pooped out, that's for sure. We didn't have any baptisms this week, and looks like we won't have any for a few more weeks in the future due to church attendance problems, but we have people in mind for the first or second week in September, so pray for those weeks! We had transfers today, but me and Elder Cartes both didn't get transferred, so we have another 6 weeks together. Not anything too exciting the week other than some dude on a motorcycle smacked me as he drove by... What a jerk! Ha! It's all good though. Hope you all have a good week. We´ll talk later! Ciao.
Elder Dean

Monday, August 5, 2013

Splits, Coke Bottle Soccer, and a Baptism.

What's up everybody? Hope all's good. Had a pretty good week this week. So this week we started off the week by doing splits. I went with Elder Zambrano, one of the zone leaders. We worked in his area, and the other zone leader with my companion in our area. Elder Zambrano is a good guy. Hes' pretty serious all the time, but a good missionary. I was playing soccer with a kid at the bus station with a coke bottle the other day. People were lookin at me like I was crazy. Like, what's this gringo doin... Haha. So I finished Mosiah in the Book of Mormon, and started Alma. I only read 2 or 3 chapters everyday because I read pretty slow in Spanish, but it's all good! So this week we fasted Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon. I thought I was gonna die haha! Seriously never been so thirsty in my life! It's all good though. Fasting is a great way to feel the spirit a little stronger. Not gonna lie, I don't have any time this week, but good news- I had another baptism! Early Sunday before church. Sister Monica. I'll attach a picture. Anyway, love you all. I'll write more next week. This computer is slooooow. Didn't have much time to write. CHAO.

Elder Dean

Elder Dean, Sister Monica, Elder Cartes

Rooftops of Limonar, Colombia