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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

El Gato


So this week was pretty darn normal I suppose! We had a conference with zone Farallones, Agua Blanca, San Fernando, and maybe one other I can't remember. It was Wednesday with President Prince and the assistants. It was good to hear some motivation from President Prince. He's awesome. I'll miss him when we have a change of mission presidents next May. So this week we were in a leccion when the sun went down. We were in an area called Los Chorros. Anyway, long story short, this area is sketchy during the day time, and we ended the leccion after dark, and then there was a power outage in the area. Dang! All dark in Los Chorros. Sketchy to the max, but don't worry, I got out alive. So here in Cali, I'm not sure why, but people love to drink hot hot chocolate, even when it's blazing hot outside. Every time I'm dying of heat, people always give me hot choc.... Haha. This Sunday we also had stake conference, so our church attendance wasn't too hot, but it wasn't too bad. We had about 6 investigators show up, so that's pretty good for a stake conference. I hope they heard something good during the conference. So today for p-day we actually did something different. Me and Elder Cartes went with an investigator and saw some more of Cali. We went to an old catholic church, which was cool, and then we went to a church/museo called La Merced. That was pretty sweet, too. Then we went to the Parque de Gatos. It's a big statue of a cat. Kinda random, but cool I suppose. Ahh! I have no time to write this week, but I'll send some pictures! Hope you all have a good week. Talk to you later.


 La Hermita

 La Hermita y yo

 El Gato
 Jaison y yo

La Merced

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