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Monday, August 5, 2013

Splits, Coke Bottle Soccer, and a Baptism.

What's up everybody? Hope all's good. Had a pretty good week this week. So this week we started off the week by doing splits. I went with Elder Zambrano, one of the zone leaders. We worked in his area, and the other zone leader with my companion in our area. Elder Zambrano is a good guy. Hes' pretty serious all the time, but a good missionary. I was playing soccer with a kid at the bus station with a coke bottle the other day. People were lookin at me like I was crazy. Like, what's this gringo doin... Haha. So I finished Mosiah in the Book of Mormon, and started Alma. I only read 2 or 3 chapters everyday because I read pretty slow in Spanish, but it's all good! So this week we fasted Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon. I thought I was gonna die haha! Seriously never been so thirsty in my life! It's all good though. Fasting is a great way to feel the spirit a little stronger. Not gonna lie, I don't have any time this week, but good news- I had another baptism! Early Sunday before church. Sister Monica. I'll attach a picture. Anyway, love you all. I'll write more next week. This computer is slooooow. Didn't have much time to write. CHAO.

Elder Dean

Elder Dean, Sister Monica, Elder Cartes

Rooftops of Limonar, Colombia

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