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Monday, July 29, 2013

First Baptism. First Hamburger.

Aloha Fam Friends.

Ok, I'll start with some good news... I had my first baptism this Saturday! It was great. We had planned on having more than 1 baptism, but it didn't work out. It's all good though. We´ll keep working with the others and get some more baptisms in August!  So this week we had splits. I went with Elder Pizarro. He's from Chile. We were in my area, so it was my job to find all the places and not get us lost! I did all right though, wasn't too bad haha. I ate my first hamburger here in Colombia at a little shack with an investigator. Sketchy! It actually wasn't too bad!  So this week, Elder Cartes was in the dentists office in Cali almost every moring from 8 to 12 because he had some problems with cavities and stuff. He wasn't able to talk on the phone much because his mouth hurt pretty bad! Soo that means that the talking on the cell phone dutys went to me. Stressful! Talking in spanish in person is hard, but on the phone it's even harder! It's all good though. I survived haha. Me and Elder Cartes have a game of slug bug going. I taught him how to play. Mistake. Haha I'm defiantly losing. I'm too busy always thinking about Spanish and words to pay attention to the cars, so I always get punched! I get him occasionaly though. Oh some crazy guy was talking to me at the bus station. He asked me all sorts of weird questions and then scribbled out a note for me to go get a urine sample and blood test. haha Alright... thank you sir. I'm out of time, but I hope you all have a good week. Nos vemos!

Elder Dean

 I ran out of black socks. Had to wear white ones . I probably looked like a goof!

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