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Monday, July 22, 2013

Just A Normal Day In Colombia.

Family and friends.

Shoot! I really don't have any time to write this week! Bummer. Anyway, I'll make it short. So this week was pretty good. We have a baptism service this Saturday, so pray all goes well with that. I have a funny story to tell. So I was talking with a member family, and we were talking about the color of my skin! White, of course. Anyway, long story short, the sister asked me if I was a big racist in my country? I thought she asked if there are different types of races in my country. So I answered, " Yes of course, Sister. " Embarrasing. She thinks I'm a racist. Haha. Plenty of embarrasing storys with the Spanish every day. Good stuff. I cooked french toast for a investigator because she wanted me to cook the food of my country. Haha! So I cooked french toast, cause that's like one of the only things I know how, and it's easy :) Played soccer today for p-day. I'm horrible. Haha. It's all good though, I'm sure I'll get better at soccer. We play like every p-day. Heard my first gun shots! Sweet! Haha. About 30 or 40 feet away. BANG. BANG. BANG. Yikes! Saw a drug deal, too. I've never seen so much money.... Sketchy!! HA It's all good though, just a normal day in Colombia no? I'll try to send some pics next week. Sorry this email stinks. I don't have much time. Anyway, love you all. Talk to you later.

Elder Dean

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