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Monday, July 15, 2013

Updates From Colombia.

Fam. Friends. What's up.
So this week was pretty good. Earlier this week a member in the ward acutually took me and Elder Cartes out to lunch. She's the wife of the bishop, and they are pretty well off with money. She drove us to the nice part of our area. (Our area has a nice part and a realllly ghetto part. I do 90 percent of my teaching and time in the ghetto part.) She took us to Pricemart. Like What??? I felt like I was in the U.S again. Just like Costco. We ate at the food court there. I was in heavan. Pizza. Hot dogs. Ice Cream. Sprite. Oh my goodness, just like somewhere at home. Anyway, that was great. So our area is one of the biggest areas in the mission. And guess what. It's just me and Elder Cartes in the area. We walk toooonnnns. I'm also the only gringo in my zone. We have like 10 missionaries in the zone, I think, and we had a zone meeting this week, and I'm the only gringo! 
So me and Elder Cartes are trying hard to have a baptismal service the 27th of July. Working hard for that date. Hope everything goes as planned, which doesn't happen much here in Colombia. Haha. Anyway, this Sunday I was called up to talk...Without preparation! Just randomly, "Ahora vamos a escuchar a Elder Dean" What!? Crap. Haha I got up there and rambled on for like 5 or 10 minutes, probably just sounding like an idiot. Hope somebody understood something. Hahaha. Elder Cartes said he understood everything, but he's probably just being nice. Anyway, met a guy from Provo at church. He was just visiting with his wife, cause his wife is from Colombia. I think his last name was Starling. It was nice to speak in English for 10 min. Anyway, love you all and I hope you all have a good week. Probably sweating in that heat in Provo, but don't worry I'm dying of heat here in Colombia, too! Haha. Talk to you all next week.

Elder Dean

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