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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Candle Day.

Hey all. 

What's happening? Well, I hope you all had a good week. This week was good for us - working away... This week we had zone leader council. It was pretty good... I've been in so many now, but they are always good. We had a good zone meeting as well with the zone this week. Yesterday was "candle day" here in Colombia. They turn out all the lights except for the Christmas lights, and light a bunch of candles. It's for the virgin. It was pretty, but I found it ironic that it quickly turned into a drunk fest. All night they were setting off super loud fireworks that shook the house and we couldn't  sleep too well. But anyway, that's December in Colombia! The Christmas devotional was really nice, too. It was a bummer though that I watched it in Spanish. It's always nice to listen to the original voice, but oh well. I saw Octavio and Carmen at the devotional. We baptized them when I was in Limonar with Elder Cartes. Good news. They are going to the temple the 19th of December to get sealed! So awesome! Good for them. Anyway, that's about all that happened this week folks... But I love you all. I hope you have a good week. Me and my companion are contacting like crazy. I've never really done it in my mission until now, but you gotta do what you gotta do. We are trying. I really do know that the gospel is true. Keeping the commandments brings true happiness. Love you all. Talk to you more next week.

Elder Dean 

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