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Sunday, August 31, 2014

First Transfer In Colon Cali Down.

Hey all.

How's it going?? This week has been good. We've been working in 3 this whole week. Kinda interesting.... Transfers came in annnndd.... I'm not going anywhere. Surprise! haha. Me and Elder Morales are staying put. Elder Cervantes is leaving us.  He's going to Popayan, and we'll be back to normal Wednesday. So this week we had zone conferences. We were together with another zone here in Cali and we listened to President Pricoli and the APs.  We learned and practiced. It was good. I enjoyed the conference. Best part was they ordered Domino's pizza for lunch... Nice! We are doing good here in the area. Just working along. Feeling ready to get this transfer going. First transfer in Colon Cali down... A few more to come I'm sure! Today for pday we made the trip to Burger King to eat lunch, and I went out of the way to a store where they sell imported stuff. I found a can of Doctor Pepper and a can of planters peanuts roasted. Nice haha. After, we went to the chapel and played ping pong for a while, and that's all folks! Sorry I got cut short on time this week a bit. Transfers in a zone of 26 are never fun. Yikes! Better get going.... Love you all! I hope you have a good week. Keep up the good work reading the scriptures, going to church, helping others, and praying. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. Talk more next week!

Elder Dean.

 Little ping pong tournament for pday. (Winner: yours truly haha)

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