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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Small and Simple Things.

Hey everybody! What's happening? So here we are. Another week gone and another week starting up. This is the last week of this transfer.  We'll have transfers come in this Sunday! Not gonna lie, this transfer has gone by pretty dang quick... But I'm pretty sure neither I nor my companion are going anywhere. He's been here 2 transfers now, and I've only been here 1. But I'll let you guys know for sure. Anyway, this week was good. We're working along. Yesterday, Sunday night, we took an Elder to the offices. He's going home. It's so weird to send missionaries home. I hate it! Weird feeling seeing people end, but oh well. Today, for pday, we were getting ready to start our pday at 10, when we got a call from the APs telling us that we had to go to the offices to pick up an Elder, and that he was going to be in a trio with us this week for some situations. We went to the office and waited there a hour or two for him, and then picked him up. We didn't have time to do much with the pday, but it's all good. It happens sometimes. We had enough time to go to the grocery store and clean the house a bit. So we'll be in a trio this week until transfers come in. Anyway, this Sunday was cool. We had the opportunity to help a sister we are teaching to come to church. She has cancer, and her mom is in a wheel chair, but she really had a desire to make it to church this week because she's starting more chemo therapy this Tuesday, and wanted to go to church before starting. We woke up early and went to her house because she lives pretty far from the chapel. I carried her mom from her wheelchair to the taxi, and she made it to church and stayed all 3 hours. She was a happy camper. Small and simple thing. Scripture for the week: D&C 64 verse 33 "Wherefore be not weary in well doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of that which is small procedeeth that which is great" Que tengan una semana excelente. Los quiero much√≠simo.

Elder Dean

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