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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cali Zoo.

Hey everybody!

Hey all. What's happening? Well another week has come and gone, and ready to start another one. Bang! I'm doing good here in Cali - trucking along just fine. This past week was good. This week we had a cool appointment with Natalia and Paula and their dad. Natalia and Paula have been going to church for about 4 years now with their aunt and uncle. They aren't members because their dad has never let them get baptized. Wednesday Elder Morales and I went to the appointment and taught the dad and them. In the leccion we explained, taught, and asked for permission for them to get baptized. Hey just looked at us and said "Yep. I don't see any problems with it now. When's it going to be?" WHEW. Haha. Super cool. The baptismal service is planned for this Saturday. Vamos bien. Other than that, it's been a pretty normal week. Today for p-day we went to the Cali zoo with some of the missionaries from the zone. It was super cool. There were tons of animals. Unfortunately my camera battery went out about halfway through the zoo, but I still got quite a few pics. I'll send 1 or 2. The zoo is a little bigger than the Salt Lake zoo and has more exotic animals. Tons of different birds, tons of different monkeys, tigers, bears, lions OH MY. Haha. I gotta cut it short this week, but I just wanna share my testimony about the patience the Lord has for us. I love the Lord, and I know that he definitely loves me more than I love myself. He has everlasting attributes; one of them divine patience. He has more patience with us than we have for ourselves. He loves us. We are preparing to live with him. To be like him. Sometimes we get focused on little things. Sometimes we forget the big picture. Anyway. Love you all. Have patience. Especially with yourselves. "Continue forward with patience until you are perfected. " Have a good week!

Elder Dean
 White Tiger
 Tell Rico I found his long lost cousin
 PLEASE! Call Derek Zoolander and tell him I perfected Blue Steel.
 I found a light saber in the apartment. No biggie.
Colon Ward. Best Missionaries.

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