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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

La Obra de Salvation.

What's up everybody. Hope every thing's going good back home. Things here are cruising along. So this week we had a visit from Elder Scott Grow of the 70. Thursday we had a meeting with him- all the zone leaders in the mission- all afternoon, and then Friday almost all day we had a meeting with him- all the missionaries in Valle. We were about 140. The meeting was held in my chapel here in Colon, so it was my job to make sure everything was in order. Fun stuff. You'd never think so many little things would have to be done for a visit of a seventy. It was crazy. But anyway, all day Friday too, after I was just ready to get back to normal. But the visit was good Elder Grow is awesome. We talked a ton about getting the ward involved in the work. They are changing the name now. It's not "La Obra Misional." It's now "La Obra de Salvation" Cool. They are changing stuff. Investigators have to attend 3 Sundays now, and not just sacrament meeting. To be baptized they have to attend 3 times, but all 3 church meetings. More focus on the converts and less actives. Stuff like that. I like it though. The attitude has changed drastically since when I first got to the mission field to now. I like it better in some ways, and in some ways I miss some aspects, but it's all good! In the end, whatever I do, I just want to be successful in helping people and being a blessing to others. To be a good servant. Things are going along, and I will keep at it. I hope you are all doing well. I love you and miss you all. I think when it comes down to it.... Life's just better with the gospel. Being at peace with God and fellow men should be our ultimate desire. I think I'm developing that desire.. To do whatever it takes to be at peace with God first, and after, everyone else. Let's all keep it up. Love you all. Hope you have a good week. If you need a booster, go this next Sunday to the temple and have a walk around and think about what's really important in this life. The leaves should be changing color now, right? It's the same climate here year round... I miss the temple. I miss you all. Talk to you more next week!

Elder Dean

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