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Friday, September 19, 2014

Elder Grow, Victor's Baptism, San Antonio.

Hey everybody!

What's new? Every thing's just cruising along here doing fine. This week was pretty normal. We worked hard keeping at it. So this week Elder Grow is coming in to visit. He's a seventy, so we will have a leadership council with him Thursday, and then Friday we will have a meeting with him and all the missionaries s here in Valle (everybody in Cali, Tulua, Buenaventura, etc). Pretty much everybody except for those who are in Pasto or Popayan. That should be cool. Hey, sorry I didn't send any pictures last week of Victor's baptism or anything. I've been having trouble with my memory and camera. Virus, I'm pretty sure... That's what we get when we use sketchy public computers haha! No- but anyway, we are doing good here. Trying really hard to get some new investigators... The work is so much better when members help. Gotta keep trying to get the members to help us out and work as a team! This week my testimony of fasting was strengthened. I know that if we are passing through difficult times, or we need help with something, fasting truly helps. Anyway, sorry this letter is going to be super short this week, but I love you all. I'll send off some pictures this week of our last pday. We went around Cali visiting some cool sites. Today for pday we just did the normal play soccer, and then we went to Burger King haha. Anyway, I love you all. I hope you all have a great week. Talk to you more next Monday!
Elder Dean
Victor's Baptism

Catholic church: San Antonio

Overlooking Cali from San Antonio

I Love Cali!


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