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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shining Shoes and Teaching English.

Hey there.

Howdayyy Everybody! Just wanna tell you all I would probably do some crazy things right now for a nice cold root beer! haha. Anyway... I'm doing pretty good. This past week was rough in some ways but there were good moments too, obviously. This week was stake conference for all 4 stakes here in Cali. The stake conference was a bit different. They did a live session from Salt Lake specifically for Cali Colombia. To my surprise, two 70s talked, as well as Jeffery R Holland. He spoke to the stakes here. It was a good message. He talked and told us that we are in the promised land. That Colombia will flourish like the Book of Mormon prophesies, and he issued a call to repentance. It was good! It's rained a few times this week, so things have been a little cooler, but it's been super muggy when the sun comes out. Sunday night we went with a few elders in the district to a park really close to our house and the chapel, and we set up a table. We put up signs "FREE CHOCOLATE" and "FREE SHOE SHINE" as well as English classes. As people passed we talked to them about families, and about the church, inviting them to English class in the chapel, and I shined quite a few shoes haha. It was good to do something a bit different, and many people signed up for English class... We'll see what turns out. Today was a pretty normal pday. Played some soccer this morning, and I must say I made like 2 goals :) haha. Sun burnt... But it's all good. Other than that, I ate lunch and cut my hair. Normal stuff! Anyway, I gotta go now. It's almost 6 o'clock. Time to start the new week. .Hope you all have a good week and keep (or start) studying the scriptures. Especially the life of Christ. I'm trying to do the same. Learn more about him. About his nature, about his role in our lives. I love you all. Talk more next week!

Elder Dean

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