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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Visa's Visa.

Hey fam, friends,

Waddup. Hope you all had a great week this week. My week was good. We got to Cali late Monday night, woke up and did the errands to renew Elder Viza's Visa (haha viza visa) and were traveling all day right away Tuesday afternoon! We got home Wednesday at like 1 in the morning, and worked hard all day Wednesday. Thursday we got shut up in the house, order of President Pricoli for the Colombia vs. Brazil game. Colombia lost, but for some reason they kept celebrating and drinking all night long.  They win they party... They lose they party. Party hard. We were shut up all day Thursday. I almost went crazy. Friday night the assistant's came into town with President Pricoli and stayed at our house. Elder Eliason and I had a sweet batting practice session until he drilled me. Line drive shot. Haha It was fun stuff. Crazy that he's going home next week. I'll miss him for sure. We got to know President Pricoli Saturday morning. He seems super nice. I had to direct the meeting. Sketchy in front of zone Ipaiales and zone Pasto, but I didn't say anything embarrassing, so we're good. Ha! We'll see how President wants to drive the mission this week in zone leader council in Cali on Thursday... You know what that means.... BUS RIDE AGAIN. haha Gotta travel to Cali again this week. Fun stuff. Anyway fam, better cut it short for this week. Transfers are coming in this Sunday. I'll complete 3 transfers here in Pasto, but I think I'm going for 1 more! I'll let you know what goes down next Monday. Hope you all have a great week. Homework this week is: read the scriptures everyday and attend all 3 hours of church this next Sunday. Let's always keep the basics in mind :) Love you all!

Elder Dean

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