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Monday, January 20, 2014

Big Surprise.

Family. Friends. Hello.

Hey everybody! How's it going? So this week was pretty normal... Until Wednesday night arrived. At about 10 'o'clock Elder Mosquiera and I were finishing up planning when Elder Eliason walked in and handed the phone to Elder Mosquiera, saying that President Prince was on the phone. Uh oh. Elder Mosquiera started talking to him, and then he looked at me with an "oh crap" look in his eyes. Then he said, "OK President," and handed me the phone. President Prince told me hello, and informed me that there was an elder from Brazil that had arrived alone the day before. He then told me that Elder Mosquiera would be leaving the next morning, and that I would be training the new elder starting Friday. Bang. Well alrighty then! So Elder Mosquira stayed up late packing his bags, and I sent him off the next morning. I went in a division with a young man in the branch all day Thursday. Friday, my new companion arrived at the bus station fresh and new from Brazil. Haha I have found out in the past 3 days that he doesn't speak Spanish! He speaks Portuguese. It's been quite the experience these past 3 days... His name is Elder Silverio. He from the coast in Brazil. He is an awesome kid, and has a big smile. Big language barrier, but with work and faith he will learn. Anyway. Thanks for all your prayers. Especially during this time. I wish I had more time to write. Really gotta cut it short this week. I have been super busy these past 3 days with him. Haven't even had time to take a picture with him. Next week for sure! Love you all. Have an awesome week!

Elder Dean

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