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Friday, January 31, 2014

Learning Portugese.

Hola famila como voce estaon? Estou aqui aprendendo Portugues!

Haha I just said, "Hey fam how are you all? I'm here learning Portuguese!" In Portugese! Haha. So this week was interesting... I've now been with Elder Silvero a week and a half, and we still don't understand each other! It's funny sometimes, and as well, you have to have A LOT of patience. Double whammy! A new missionary who doesn't know much, and we can't communicate! Adventure for sure. But it's all good. We are just truckin' along. So Sunday after church we had to say goodbye to Elder Menendez. He went off back to Uruguay- finished the mission. Love the guy. He was an awesome missionary. I even gave him my favorite tie because he kept asking for it haha. So tomorrow Elder Silverio and I have to travel to Cali for Elder Silverio to receive his new missionary training. A big group of new Elders are coming in tomorrow, and normally your first day when you arrive in the mission, you receive training and meet your trainer. Elder Silverio got here alone, so they just sent him straight to me, but he's still gotta receive his new missionary training, even though he got a head start haha. It'll be funny when all of the trainers walk in to meet their comps, and Elder Silverio and I... Surprise! Oh wait. haha. So yesterday for p-day, my whole writing time was taken up trying to get Elder Silverio logged into his email without success. There was a problem with his email account, but I called the offices and worked the problem out, and now it's fixed. Because he didn't get time to write, and me neither, Elder Eliason gave him permission to write his family for an hour today (Tuesday). Elder Eliason also gave me permission to write for 15 min, because I only had 20 min to write yesterday trying to help Elder S the whole time. Good guy that Elder Eliason. Welp! Everybody gotta cut it short. Love you all. Thanks for all your prayers for me and especially for my comp. I love you all. I'll talk to you all next week. Chaooooo.
 Elder Silverio and I
Saying goodbye to Elder Menendez and Elder Zambrano. 
Headed back to Uruguay and Ecuador - the trunkies!
Elder Silverio and Elder Dean "meet for the first time" 
at the new missionary training in Cali

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