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Friday, February 21, 2014

Soccer, Baptisms, and Random Horses: Life in Colombia.

Howdy ya'll...

Hey everybody. Happy Valentines Day!!!! Well, to tell you the truth, I forgot it was Valentine's day until I read the email today... haha Lame. But it's all good! So my week was good! Stressful, but good ha. I'll just start off by saying, I'm pooped out today! For pday we got the zone together today and played real soccer in a big soccer field. Annnnd I'm outta shape. As are all of the other missionaries. Haha I'm dead! But anyway, this weekend we had 2 baptisms! Jonny and Sofia! It was great. Sofia also turned 15 the same day, so the young women had a birthday cake for her after the baptismal service. They both wanted me to baptize them, so of course I didn't tell them no.. Water was freezing! Sofia was confirmed Sunday, but unfortunately Jonny had a run in with police Sunday on his motorcycle and didn't make it to sacrament meeting, and wasn't confirmed Sunday... Devil's workin' with the boy, that's for sure... Prayers please that we can get him confirmed this Sunday. Other than that,all's normal! Just working away. Trying my best. Love you all tons. Thanks for all of your prayers and thoughts and love. Church is true! Go share it with somebody this week! CHAOOOOOOOO
Elder Dean
 Sofia's baptism service.

Just chillin' with my homie, the horse. 
Haha In Colombia, random horses just walk around the streets sometimes.

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