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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Life In Colombia: 9 Months In


Hey all. What's happening? Happy 9 months to me. Completed 9 months in the mission this past week (little golf clap) annnnnd moving forward now. So- good news. Jonny made it to church this week and was confirmed. Sweet! Elder Silverio confirmed him in front of everybody in sacrament meeting... Or at least the 25 or 30 people that were there haha. I was proud of him. I remember how scary it used to be standing up in front of everybody and giving a talk or confirming somebody in a different language. I had to whisper the words in his ear to confirm him, but it's all good, and after he gave him a little blessing, too. Way to go Silverio. Mom, you would be proud of me. Elder Joglar and I DEEP cleaned the apartment today. It's almost Diana Dean approved. But not yet haha. Today was a pday. A little more relaxed. We cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, and then went to the church (Elder Eliason, Joglar, my comp, and I) and played ping pong for a while. Then we went and ate lunch at a recent converts house from a different branch, then went back, went grocery shopping, and now I'm writing! It was actually kinda nice just to have a laid back p-day, and not play soccer for once... Anyway. Better get a new week started here. P-day's finished! Love you all. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Say your prayers everyday. Read the scriptures a bit, go to church, and be good boys and girls :) Haha. Love you all. Have a good week!!!
Quick pic of Jonny at his baptism last week. I need a haircut- that's for sure.

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