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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

First Dog Attack in the Mission and Las Lajas Pictures.

Que mas Famila, Parseros, y los demas!

Hey everybody. Sorry about my email last week. Super short and no pics. Halfway through writing we got a call and had to cut it short. Joys of being a zone leader... Anyway, I sent some pic this week of the pics I wanted to send last week. This week was good, bad, and in between. BUT I was thinking the other morning - what a blessing it is to be a missionary right now. I love my family. They love me. I have the gospel in my life. I have many blessings. And it's true. Last Monday night a dog attacked me. Bit me on the leg right behind the knee. First dog attack in the mission! Whewwwwww! But it's all good. It didn't break the skin, and super lucky the dog had its shots (rare here in Colombia). I called the office and they told me to wash it out, so I did when we got home to the apartment and... I'm alive. A few days ago I completed 10 months out in the mission. Nice. Not much to say this week. Just trying to work hard. We've been running into some walls lately, but we will keep trying and working. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts. I love you all. Conference is coming up in a few weeks. Super excited for that. Also we have mission council with all the zone leaders and President Prince coming up in 2 weeks I think... First mission council. We'll see how it goes. That will mean another 8-10 hour bus ride to Cali. YUCK. Ha! Anyway- love you all. Hope you all have a good week. Hey. Quick idea. This week I challenge you all to take an Ensign and a snack to a less active member you know... There is a difference to be made. :) Talk more next week.

Elder Dean
Baptism of Luz Elena and Maria Jose about 14 days ago here in Pasto. President Prince came down from Cali to baptize them.
Las Lajas. Just standing by a creepy angel with "holy water" no biggie
Las Lajas. 5 min away from Ecuador. Creepy church. Pretty cool though...
Almost my whole zone (missing 4) at Las Lajas

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