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Monday, March 3, 2014

Colombian Mullets.

Helllo errrbody.

Hey guys. How are ya? Good? That's good :) I'm doing good here in good old Popayan. Nothing too new going on... Just out here trying to preach the gospel. Vamos bien! This week was pretty normal. Nothing too crazy going on. We will be working hard to try and have a baptismal service this weekend, so thanks for your prayers and thoughts. Transfers are coming up this Sunday. We'll see if I'm headed out of Popayan or no... I think not. I think they are leaving me in for another inning... Anyway, today for p-day was pretty chill... We played ping pong for a few hours and then went to get our hair cut. We got it cut normal. I wasn't paying much attention until we were walking to the grocery store, and I noticed that the lady left Elder Silverio's hair long in the back- like a mullet style soccer player. I started laughing and told him, and then he looked at me and busted up laughing and told me that she left my hair long too! My laughing turned into a serious face and sure enough, I felt my hair and it was long in the back! Crap! We looked like a couple of Colombian mullets... No worries though. We had Elder Joglar buzz the back of it in the apartment just barely... Pretty sure I look like a fool, but it's all good. Hey. Love you all. I hope you guys have a good week. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts. The church is true. Let's all try to be a little better this week than we were last week. Have a good week! (Sorry the letter's short and no pictures. I'll do better next week :)  )

Elder Dean

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