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Monday, March 17, 2014

Pasto, Baptisms, and Las Lajas.

Howdy from Pasto Pues...

Hey all! How goes it? Here I am, in Pasto- about 2 hours from Ecuador, way up in the mountains, looking at an active volcano... Nice! My first week in Pasto has been good... I left my hijo (son) in Popayan at 4 in the morning a week ago, and got on a bus alone, and drove 8 hours south to Pasto. Andddddd I got sick. Nasty cold, but I'm feeling better. It gets chilly here for sure. Gotta have a sweater, but nothing a Utah kid can't handle haha. So getting to know my zone and area was a lot, but we're doing fine. This weekend we had 2 baptisms. A lady and her daughter that have been investigating the church for about a year finally got baptized. President Prince came down from Cali in an airplane to baptize them. It was stressful getting it all organized, but it turned out great. For p-day today we went to Ipiales, to a place called Las Lajas- a super old catholic church in a canyon. Cool for sure. We were about 5 min away from Ecuador. I gotta head out. NO time. Yikes. Love y'all.  Have a good week.

Elder Dean
Pics next week - ran outta time!

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