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Thursday, June 20, 2013

BIrthday In Colombia

Yo yo yo-
Hows it going everybody? I have 13 days left here in the CCM! I get a new companion tonight. He will be Latino. Sweet. Anyway, I had to switch rooms because we sent off another group of Latino elders yesterday, and the new group is arriving tonight. And guess what... I get to leave with this group! Nice. Anyway, this was an awesome p-day. Us gringos got to go to the temple today, and then after, go tour the city a little bit! We got to go to the museo de oro (museum of gold). It was sweet. It had a ton of gold from ancient times. All of the old gold stuff reminded me of Book of Mormon times here in South America. After the museum we all got to go this Catholic church on top of the mountain overlooking Bogota! Sooo tight. They gave me back my camera to take pictures for the first time, but they took it back right after so I can't load them... Lame. I'll upload some after the CCM. So for my birthday I got a pen from Elder Clark, a pack of gum from Elder Sterner, and a piece of candy from Elder Thomas. Pretty good stuff. Oh, and later that night while I was asleep at like 11:30, the Latino elders in my room attacked me with shaving cream in my bed... Yuck. Ha! It's all good though, I love 'em anyway. Well I hope you all have a good week. Go to the temple or read the Book of Mormon this week. Better yet, do both! Haha! Love you all. 

Elder Dean

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