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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Learning Spanish Like A Tortuga

Hey everyone!
I'm doing just fine here in Bogota. Learing spanish like a tortuga (turtle)! haha! But for real, I feel like I'm learing sooo slow. I'm sure I'll pick it up eventually. So today we went to the temple again, just us gringos. All my latino amigos left for their missions 2 nights ago. Those lucky guys, they only have to stay in here 10 days! But yeah, saying goodbye to Elder Rondon was sad. Maybe shed a tear or two, but who's counting. Elder Rojas gave me a Colombian soccer jersery too, so that's sweet! It even fits! Imagine that! I have 4 more weeks in here, so I'm praying I make it out to my mission in Cali alive! Haha Just kidding. I'm getting a new companion tomorrow because they need Elder Romero to help out another missionary with the spanish. Bummer. It was nice having him as my companion. Anyway, side note- driving here in Colombia is NUTS. Every time we leave the CCM I'm scared for my life. I literaly have to almost close my eyes. There are like no traffic rules! Hope everyone has a good week. Talk to you all later
Elder Dean

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