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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

3 Months In Limonar.

 Hey fam and friends.

So bad news - no baptisms this past week... Bummer! But don't worry, I will continue to work and I'm  certain that I will have good news in the future sometime soon :) Anyway, I sent some pictures from the last week when me and Elder Wilcox bought stuff and Price Mart (Ghiradellis brownies, Nature valley granola bars, Marshmallow Mateys, Pringles, Old Spice etc.) Haha. Today for p-day we went and ate lunch at Pricemart again but couldn't buy anything because we didn't have a member or a card with us to buy stuff.... lame. But it's OK. I had a chicken bake and soda and french fries. Yum. After, we played chess for 20 min or so and then hopped on the bus back to the areas. I got my haircut and now I'm writing the quick letter! Not too eventful of a p-day, but it was good. So this past week we had a division, and I went with Elder Walker here in my area the whole day. Elder Walker has one transfer less in the mission than me, and Elder Cartes and I didn't really have any set plans that day, but we did pretty good for a couple of new gringos! haha. I complete 3 months here in Limonar, 2 here in Cali this week, and we have transfers coming up. This will be my last week with Elder Cartes, and I am done with training this week too (even though there wasn't too much training) haha. Anyway, everybody -  hope to have some good news this next week maybe some baptisms, and I will fill you all in about transfers! Oh, we plan on marrying our investigators Octavio and Carmen next Tuesday, and have a baptism service with them. Prayers for that! Love you all. Short email this week, but enjoy the few pics from last p-day! Caio!

Elder Dean

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