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Friday, September 13, 2013

Price Mart.

Fam. Friends. How's it going? Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers about the situation with Elder Encarnacion. We are starting to get rolling again here in Colombia Cali. This week was pretty good. We had a conference with Elder Waddell of the 70 earlier this week. That was cool. We talked about not just having baptisms, but having actual conversion. We have a lot of baptisms here in this mission, but there is a lot of inactivity. We have a few baptism dates for this Saturday. One is Jaison. He is kinda having a hard time right now though, and prayers would be appreciated on his behalf. So this Saturday we had a activity at the church in the afternoon. We played basketball, volleyball, and soccer. We didn't have as much people at the activity though, so that was kinda lame. My team in basketball lost. Yep. Sad. But I had 4 kids on my team and didn't ball hog it :). Today for pday we played soccer with another zone for a while on a artificial field again. That was cool. I scored again. It's a miracle. I can actually play soccer. We had a few investigators come with us too, so that's cool. After that, me and Elder Wilcox dragged our companions to Price Mart with a member who has a membership there. OHHH my goodness! So cool! Me and Elder Wilcox were practically crying - it was awesome. We bought stuff like brownie mix, pancake mix, syrup, nature valley granola bars, and doughnuts. All that good stuff you can't find here. Our companions weren't too excited, but we were defiantly happy campers. Anyway I gotta get movin here, but thanks for all your prayers, and I hope to have good news this next week! Love you all.

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