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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Just An Ordinary Week.


Hey everybody. How's it going? Good? I'm glad ;) Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts. I'm feeling better. I think I got over my bug! After I wrote you all last Monday, it got worse for a few days, and then Thursday/Friday I started to get over it. Whew. Not fun stuff. SO this week was pretty ordinary, other than President Prince and Sister Prince and the APs came down to Pasto for interviews with all the missionaries. Best part was eating Sis. Prince's banana bread. Good stuff.  I'm gonna miss that for sure. Always love talking with President Prince, too. Awesome guy. That might have been my last personal interview with him. He's going home in June... Yikes! If I'm lucky though, I might have one more. We'll see what he does... Anyway the assistants slept over at our house, too. Good to chill with Elder Eliason again. Love that guy haha! Those were great times in Popayan with him- 4 1/2 months in the house. Good stuff. Anyway, just truckin' along here in Pasto. We are doing fine. Keep up the good work at home, and I'll keep working here :) Lots of people to help wherever we are. Lets go get it! Love you all. Hope you have a good week. This is the last week of the transfer here coming up. Almost one transfer down in Pasto! Love you. Talk to you later.

Elder Dean

Pictures from last week at Zone Conference in Cali (Pictures from Cali Colombia Blog)

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