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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pretty Normal Week.

Hey there everybody.
What's new folks? Nothing too new here in Cali Colombia... This week was pretty normal! We worked hard all week to have good church attendance, but it wasn't too hot :( A few people showed up though, so that's good. Elder Caja and I are trying to find new people to teach, and get the people we are teaching to church! It's hard to progress in the gospel as an investigator if ya never go to church haha! Also, we have been thinking, and there is a heap of inactives here in this ward... We are thinking about spending more of our time trying to find inactives and working with them, even though that's not really the culture in this mission. Hoping this next week that we will break through and have some success here and get some people progressing. One night we were in an investigators house, and a lady walked in and shook elder Caja's hand and tried to kiss him on the cheek (it's common here to kiss on the cheek when greeting). He did a good bob a weave and moved out of the way. It was super awkward to watch haha! I thought for a moment she was gonna come after me too, but she didn't haha. The funny things that happen here in the mission. Sorry I never have time to write more stuff! Today for p-day we woke up and studied, and then went and played soccer with people at the church. I scored twice, but I was super pooped out after. After soccer, we went with some of our zone and bought matching shirts for our team. There is a mission soccer tournament the next two Mondays - zones against zones. Anyway, I gotta run everybody, but I will write more next week and hopefully have some good news and success in the area. Love you all. Have a good week! Oh, and do your visiting teaching and home teaching, read the scriptures, go to church and the temple, and serve others and be good boys and girls :) haha Nos Vemos!
Elder Dean

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