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Monday, October 7, 2013

Baptisims and Transfers.

Hello There.
Hey everyone. What's happening? I'm just here in Cali, Colombia - ya know the drill. So this past Saturday we had a baptism service! We worked and stressed and all that, but we ended up baptizing 6 people! 4 from Elder Cartes and I, and 1 from the zone leaders who we share a ward with, and 1 guy named Carlos that wasn't kinda a joint baptism I guesss haha. We baptized Octavio and his wife Carmen, and Carlos from Spain had the opportunity to baptize his wife. That was really cool. We also baptized Sebastian. He's 17. A good kid for sure. The next day, Sunday, it was raining a lot, but everybody made it to the chapel, and we confirmed them all. I got to baptize Hermana Carmen, and got to stand in on a few of the confirmations. Super cool stuff. It's been pretty stressful lately, but that was great to see. I hope and pray everyone of them will continue and grow in the church and not fall away.  We also received news last night about transfers. My companion, Elder Cartes, will be leaving tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at 7  in the morning. We completed a little over 3 months here together in Limonar. My new companion will be Elder Caja. He is from Peru. He has about 16 months in the mission. This is somewhat my area now, and the stress that comes along with it because my comp won't know the area haha. Also we baptized our investigators, so now we will have to start new and start finding investigators and try and build up and investigator pool. Prayers accepted :) Today for p-day we have been doing a few things to get ready for tomorrow. We went and ate at McDonald's for lunch. I had a big mac and fries. haha I don't ever get to eat food like that - ever! Now after this, Elder Cartes wants to go say goodbye to everybody he knows haha - but its all good. Anyway, I love you all and I will be grateful for your prayers. Until next week- with a little more info about my new companion and all that jazz! Ciao!
Elder Dean

 Marian, Carlos, and Baby Carlos

 Elder Dean, Carlos, Elder Wilcox

 Elder Dean, Sebastian, Elder Cartes

 Elder Dean, Octavio, Carmen

 Group Shot

Leaving the baptismal font with Hermana Carmen. The water was cold, but never felt warmer!

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