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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Popyan: Week 2

Hello everybody.
How's it going? I'm here in Popayan, starting my 3rd week here... I'm getting a little more comfortable here in the area. So this week was pretty normal... Me and Elder Mosqueira are working hard trying to find people to teach. This week we stopped by an inactive old lady's house... She is super old, and we started talking to her about why she hasn't been going to church these past few years... She talked forever! While she was telling Elder Mosqueira her life story, her friend that lives with her, and another inactive came in and started talking to me... The other old lady was super crazy, and I tried giving here a pamphlet of the church, but she started crossing herself and saying the Lord's Prayer... While that was going on the other guy, super inactive as well, was drunk as a skunk shouting/reading some random part of the Book of Mormon... Elder M and I looked at each other and started busting up laughing, and to recover I said, "Hermana sorry it's just that Elder Mosqueiras accent is just too funny." We couldn't stop laughing. It was horrible. I felt so bad... Maybe it was a stress relief or something haha. Today for p-day we played soccer with all of the missionaries here in Popayan We we playing normal fun and all, when somebody had the bright idea to play Gringos vs. Latinos.... I was like, "Oh gosh, this is going to go well..." And then a miracle happened. Us gringos won 5 games in a row! I have no idea what happened. We played out of our minds haha. And an even bigger miracle happened. I scored 3 goals. Not gonna lie, I was shocked at myself, and we can probably bet that it might not happen again haha. But I am getting better. Anyway fam, love you tons. Hope you all have a good week. Gotta goooooo. So lame. Writing time flies by so fast. Talk to you all next week. Maybe I'll send a pic :) Love you!!!

Elder Dean

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