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Monday, November 25, 2013

6 Months Out.

Hey Fam. Friends.

What's up? So this week was pretty good. Friday I completed 6 months in the mission.... Cool. Ha It wasn't that big of a deal. But still cool! The same day was Elder Menendez's birthday. He didn't wanna celebrate or anything, but I ordered a pizza to celebrate the birthday/6 months. Then I put some candles in the pizza for his birthday, and we sang happy birthday to him. We ate the pizza and then went to bed... whooo!!! haha Super exciting. I almost set the house on fire lighting the candles. I had to use toilet paper and the stove to get a flame haha. Anyway, p-day today was pretty normal. We got up studied till 10, then went and bought some groceries. After, we played soccer with the missionaries here in Popayan at a little artificial turf field for an hour or two. The little field was slippery because of the rain, and I took a ball right off the face. Fun stuff. Haha. So I am hoping to have some baptisms coming up here soon, so hopefully I'll have some good news to write y'all here in the future. The guy at the internet cafe I'm in right now was blasting Guns and Roses, and now hes blasting Dubstep. I should probably head out haha. It's official- Dubstep has made it to Colombia. Oh shoot. Haha. Anyway, love you all. Better hop off. But I hope you guys all have a good Thanksgiving. I'm pretty sure my Thanksgiving will just be a normal day.... Fun! It's all about remembering your blessing though... Read the Book of Mormon and go to church this Sunday! Haha love you all. Have a good week.

Elder Dean
Happy 6 months with my best friend - the electric mosquito killer.

 Elder Menendez, the birthday kid, enjoying the pizza.

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