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Monday, February 16, 2015

Terron Colorado

Hey everybody.

How's everything going? I'm doing great. My toe has healed up pretty good and I'm back in business. Haha. So this week I got all my zone shipped off for transfers, and then I hopped on a bus with all my bags real early Wednesday morning and got in to Cali at about 8 am. Got together with Elder Walker, my new companion, and we helped with the transfers for a little bit in the bus station in Cali. We got to the house about 10 am, and I left my bags in the house and straight away we went to the area. The area is called Terron Colorado, and it's like San Francisco on steroids. haha. It's straight up hill side, and iI have no idea how they built all the houses, but they did it. It's fairly poor, and we honestly won't be here in the area much, but from Wednesday until yesterday Elder Walker and I were able to teach like 20 lessons, and we had a few people in church yesterday. Elder Walker is awesome. He played basketball at Cottonwood High. We get along really well. We also share the area with President's secretary and the finance secretary (Elder Rebolledo and Elder Mejia) and Elder Lyle and Elder Gomez, Presidents Assistants. We all live together in the same house, right around the block from the mission office. It's a nice house. It's old, but it's a really pretty old house. Kinda classy. This week with the new missionaries that came in, I found out that I have a "great-grandson." I trained Elder Silverio, he trained Elder Bernales, and now Elder Bernales is training a new missionary. Gettin' old here haha.  Today for p-day we've just been running errands, getting ready for tomorrow, because starting tomorrow we will travel pretty much 4 weeks straight. We'll only be here in the house Sundays and Mondays. Divisions everyday with a different companionship, and we'll sleep on the floor! It's gonna be quite the adventure. Anyway, I'd better get going. Still gotta get some things set up. We'll be in Cali this week, and also Buena Ventura. It's coast, and it's super hot and muggy- right next to the ocean. Anyway, love you all. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts. I hope you have a good week. Hope Valentines day was good. I didn't even remember it was Valentines day until just now! Haha! Talk more next week.

Elder Dean

Elder Walker and Me

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