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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Traveling in Southern Colombia.

Hola a todos.
Hey everybody. What's up? Sorry I didn't have the chance to write last week... We changed pday for today- Saturday. This past week we've been here in Cali, resting up and getting Elder Walker ready to go home Monday. YIKES. Poor guy. He's been an awesome companion. We've honestly got along so well working together. It's all good though, because we'll be in contact and see each other in Utah. The week before, we were traveling the south. We traveled all night Monday, and Tuesday morning we got in to Ipiales and went to work. It's really cold in Ipiales, and it's right on the border with Ecuador. I took a picture of a city called Tulcan, Ecuador that's right across the way from Ipiales. I'll send it to you. Tuesday morning we got back on the bus and drove 2 hours to Pasto. We worked in Pasto Tuesday and Wednesday, and I actually ran into a few people who recognized me. The asked me, "You're still in the misión??" haha Yep- still here. Wednesday night- back on the bus all night up to Popayan. Back to the best climate in the misión. My beloved Popayan. We worked Friday and Saturday in Popayan, and we slept in the zone leaders house- my old house. Funny to go back and all the memories come flooding back. Saturday night- back on the bus and back home in the office at about midnight. We've been helping out with the transfers and everything's ready to go. Tomorrow they go out. I know who President is going to call to be my new companion, but I won't say just yet just in case President makes a last minute change, even though it's pretty certain. Yesterday President and his wife took me and Elder Walker to lunch to a pretty nice Colombian restaurant for Elders Walker's ending the misión. (Sorry the word misión is in Spanish-  the keyboard keeps correcting me and I cant fix it haha.) Anyway for pday today we are going to go shoot some hoops for the first time in  a long time and go get some cholado (Colombian snow cones). Last night Elder Walker and I were talking, and going home is really hard. There are so many things that we want to keep doing when we go home, but the things of the world are so easy to fall back into. The scripture in Helaman 5, when Helaman tell his sons that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ, that we should build our foundation. If we strive to make him the center of our lives, I know that all of the temptations and distractions of the world really won't hurt us. To think of Christ, talk of Christ, and rejoice in Christ more in our lives will bring the sweat peace that only the gospel brings. Anyway, I'll leave it at that for now... Love you all. Until next week.

Elder Dean

Elder Green y Elder Talavera (Utah y Peru)

Tulcan, Ecuador off in the distance 

Elder Skinner y Elder Cortes (Oklahoma y Chile)

Elder Pead y Elder Coca (St. George y Bolivia)

Popayan.  Elder Silverio and I found these investigators.  After teaching them twice, we passed the reference.  They were baptized 5 months ago, in November.

Lunch with the Pricolis.

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