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Friday, April 24, 2015

There Is Always Time.

Hey all. How's it going? Things here are coming right along. It's crazy to think that there are only 2 more weeks left in this transfer.... This week we had a change in plans, and instead of going north, we went to Jamundi on Tuesday, and then down to good old Popayan Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I love Popayan. This time I ran into quite a few people. It was crazy to see familiar faces. Super special. This next week we now plan on going north to Palmira and Tulua, and then we plan on the last week of the transfer going south to Pasto and Ipiales. We'll see how it turns out. While traveling, I've been thinking about how difficult it can become to do the little things, like daily scripture reading. But these past few days I've been thinking, and I really I'm going to make the time. I know that we all have busy days and weeks, but there is always time for the little things if we set a little time aside. Even if it's only 5 or 10 min. Anyway, I love you all. I hope you all have a really good week. I'll try to write more next week.
Elder Dean

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