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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lesson Learned: Charge The Cell Phone

Hey all. What's going on?
Hope you all had a good week. Another week has come and passed. Such a crazy thing... Traveling has turned so weird- the time just seems to cruise on by... different people, faces, different missionaries every day- it just goes on. This week I went to Pradera on Tuesday. It's a little town 30 minutes outside of Palmira. Then I was in a little town called Cerrito on Wednesday, also a little place about 40 minutes outside of Palmira, little house chapel and all. Thursday I was in Palmira, and then Friday I finished up here in Cali in Vista Hermosa. Funny story: Thursday night a member dropped me off on the highway headed to Cali so I could jump on a bus and be back in Cali Thursday night. Sometimes I have to travel alone, and when I got on the bus, I called Elder Mejia and Roman, the secretaries, to tell them to wait for me in the terminal in Cali, and that I would get in about 10:20. I hung up and my phone died, so I got into the terminal in Cali 10:20 at night, but there were no Elders in sight... I called them from a public phone to ask them where they were, but they didn't answer, so I just hopped in a taxi and got home. When I got home, another secretary was there, and was like, "What are you doing here?! Elder Roman and Mejia went to go looking for you, and quite a few people are trying to locate you." haha. The whole office thought I had gotten lost or something, and my companion Elder Rojas was looking all over Palmira for me. Lesson learned- CHARGE THE CELL PHONE haha. Anyway, other than that, everything going good. I'm here in the office having a pretty chill pday. I cut my hair, ate dominos for lunch, passed out on the couch in the living room for a few hours, and now just writing everyone real quick. Here in the office ready to start the last week of the transfer.  Pretty much all the transfers are in, but who knows if there will be any last minute changes. We'll see next week. This week coming up: Tuesday-Friday we'll be in Ipailes and Pasto. The big bus rides coming up. Always the longest trip. Love you all. Hope you have a good week. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts. Until next week.

Elder Dean.

Elder Herrera (Bolivia) Elder Deterline (Utah) 

Elder Ludwig (SL) Elder Mamani (Bolivia)

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