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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Experience in Buga.

Hey all.
Hope you had a good week. This week I was in a town called Villa Gorgona. It's about 30 minutes outside of Cali.  There are 2 elders there, and they have to travel the 30 min to Cali to go to church since they don't have a chapel out there yet. It was good, and after I was 2 days in Buga. Buga is cool. It's a branch as well? but it's a pretty strong branch and there are 6 missionaries total in the city/branch. Anyway, all in all, I'm doing pretty good. This week in Buga I was with the two elders (Elder Vaca and Elder Nielson). We were looking for a contact they had done the other day, and we rang the doorbell, and her son was looking out the window, and told us she wasn't home, and as we talked to him, he wasn't showing much interest. When we started walking away, a man sitting in a chair outside his house had been watching and listening, and called us and said, "Hey! I want to listen. Can you guys come in and help me?" We walked in to the house of this guy, pretty big guy, and not looking like the friendliest fellow. We sat down and presented ourselves and listened to him. He expressed himself, and told us about some of the difficulties and challenges he was having in his life and about his past. As I sat there listening to him, my mind was filled with a specific chapter in the Book of Mormon (Alms 7) as he expressed his desire to listen to us and learn more about God. We left him a Book of Mormon with the chapter to read, and took down a day to go back. I was very grateful for the opportunity to be placed in that moment, in that spot, and I know the gospel will fill him and help him in every way. Anyway, just a short little experience from this week. I hope you all have a good week. I'll send some pictures and write more next week.

Elder Dean

Found another one of Rico's third cousins twice removed in Villa Gorgona.

President Troches invited us over to lunch.
He was President Prince's counselor, and is pretty much the best.

Shoes going strong!

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