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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Recognizing the Hand of the Lord.

Hey all. How's it going? So transfer week is over finally. Receiving new missionaries, getting everybody in their new areas in one piece, and to top it off my 16th and last leadership council on Thursday. Friday we did divisions with missionaries, and here we are, Saturday, good old pday. Next week starts the last push on the divisions with the Elders. These last few weeks I'll be in Tulua, a town called Villa Gorgona, and plans for 2 days in Ipiales and 2 days in Popayan. Should be quite the skype call tomorrow haha. All in all, I'm doing good. I'm finishing up the Book of Mormon again. I'm in Mormon, and something really interesting that I'm seeing with the Nephite civilization is that one reason for their destruction is their lack of recognizing the hand of the Lord in their lives, giving them chance after chance to repent and sparing them from their enemies, "and behold they did harden their hearts against the Lord their God." In the footnotes, the word for this is ingratitude. (Mormon 3:3). I am trying to see and recognize the hand of the Lord more. Hope we can all do the same. Love you all. Talk more later.

Elder Dean.

With the new missionaries at Cristo Rey.

Companion Swap.

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