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Monday, December 23, 2013

Conference in Cali and a Baptism.

Hey there everybody. How's it going!? Hope you all had a good week. I had a great one... So this Thursday we had a conference in Cali, so we had to wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning and get on a bus for the 3 hour bus ride to Cali. Is was cool being back in Cali for the day. Tons of people, hot, Salsa music blasting, smelling a little funny... good old Cali :) Memories from my first 3 transfers. The conference was good. It was from about 9-5. We listened to President and Sister Prince talk, and the APs too. We ate an awesome lunch and had a little talent show. Every zone had a little play. My part in our play was to sing "White Christmas" with the other gringos in Popayan. It was fun. We also watched a movie called "Ephraim's Rescue." It's about pioneers, and it's made by the same people who did 17 Miracles. It was excellent. You should defiantly watch it. So then we hoped on the bus back to Popayan, and got back in the nighttime. 
This Saturday we had a baptism service with Hernando. He's 80 years old and was part of another church for more than 30 years. After a long process, he decided that he wanted to be baptized. The baptismal service was excellent. Presidente Lalo Baptized him. We invited Elder Lameraux and Elder Mancilla to the service because Elder Mancilla plays a few hymns on the piano haha. Elder Lameraux and I also did a special number. We sung a hymn- the first two verses in Spanish and the last one in English. The spirit was super strong. Sunday, Hernando gave me a heart attack. He got to sacrament meeting at 9:15- just in time to be confirmed. Elder Mosqueira confirmed him. It was a good blessing, too. So transfers came in last night and Elder Mosqueira and I will be together another transfer, so we'll be together 3 months. That probably means I'll be here in Popayan 4 and a half months, but who knows! This morning during personal study, I finished the Book of Mormon. I have been reading it one chapter in English, and then right after the same chapter in Spanish. After I finished it today, I just want to bear my testimony that I know it's true. I am without doubts in my mind that the Book of Mormon is true, and that this church is also true. I'm very grateful for the gospel in my life, and all of you. I'm very blessed. I have to log off and start the week, but I love you all and I hope you all have a safe and good week. Talk to you more next week.
Elder Dean

 The street where I live here in Popayan

Baptism for Hernando

 Getting back with an old pal in Cali, Elder Wilcox and I

Kid's activity last week. Don't worry, I'm not mad- camera caught me before I smiled and I have a sucker in my mouth

Another area of Popayan

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