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Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Hey everybody how's it going? Hope your Christmas was awesome, and I hope that you all have a fun new year tomorrow! New Years here is fun. Tons of drunks, and I've only seen one stabbing so far - doing good... So my Christmas was... Normal. Haha! So Christmas Eve we visited some people, and had Christmas messages, and we got invited to eat with the branch president at about 6. We ate dinner and had typical Christmas food  - Popayan style with the president. After that we headed to Parque de Caldas to take a few quick pics on our way to our last appointment. It was all lit up like a wanna be temple square haha. We ate dinner with Familia Oime (Hernando my convert and his family). We ate dinner with them and then shared a Christmas message with a baptismal invitation for Omaira. She said she didn't want to do it, and after a long conversation we found out some fears that she has... She decided to think about it, and maybe have a date in January. When we looked at our watched it was 10:10 Aahhhh! We had permission to be out until 10, but our area is super far away from the house. When we headed out about 10:10, it started to POUR rain. Never seen it rain so hard. So we waited for a taxi in the pouring rain until about 10:20, and nothing showed up. We ended up walking/running to the house in the pouring rain, and got home at like 10:40 soaking wet. We changed clothes, and then Elder Menendez found a scrabble board in the closet. So I taught elder Menendez and Mosqueira how to play. I won :) Christmas day was normal I suppose... We went around and shared Christmas messages with some inactives, and then talked with the zone leaders and their converts for a while, and then went home at 9. We got home, planned for a bit, and the I crashed super tired... Merry Christmas! haha. The 26th - the Skype call at night was SUPER awesome. Great to see everybody and talk for what seemed like 5 min. Can't wait to talk for Mothers Day! Anyway, Happy New Year to all - hope it's a good one. I'm entering my "dead year" 2014. I'll be in Colombia the whole year... Love you all! I'll send some pics here... Hope you guys are safe and happy to finish up these holiday seasons. Gotta go. Talk to you more next week!!!

Elder Dean
 Familia Oime

 Parque de Caldas

 Christmas Dinner - Popayan Style 

 Christmas Eve

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