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Monday, January 26, 2015

Last Week in Palmira.

Hey all.
How's everybody doing? Hope you all had a good week. Here- we are good. We had a pretty good week. This week we had interviews with president, and we walked A LOT. Haha. This week we walked to a little town about an hour walking distance outside of Palmira. We walked and walked and walked and got to the little town (one street, all dirt, about 50 houses) and we realized it was the wrong little town. Bummer. We walked another hour in the other direction and finally got to the little place we were looking for. I felt like a pioneer. Haha But, it was weird walking for miles with nothing but sugar cane and the sun blazing above. This week we had interviews with president, and he informed me that I will not be finishing up my mission here in Palmira. Elder Campos ends his mission this Sunday, and I will take him to Cali, and then pick up my new companion and show him the area the last week of the transfer, and then I'm out. I'll let everybody know in these next few week where I will be going. Anyway, other than that, I hope you all have a good week, and thanks for your prayers and thoughts. I'll try to keep Elder Campos off the trunky train this week ;) I've now sent home 3 missionaries and I'm not done yet! Love you all. Have a good week.

Elder Dean.

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